Restaurant Feature: Seed & Circus

by Karisa

This is a post I’ve had in my drafts for a while… But even though I’ve only gotten around to putting (virtual) pen to paper now, I knew this awesome little spot was something I really wanted to feature, come hell or high water (or in my case – several months of blogging procrastination). PLUS, they just reopened yesterday after another few weeks of hard lockdown regulations & I want them to do really well. 🙂

I visited Seed & Circus back in October last year after spotting it on a “hot new eateries list” – I think from Inside Guide at the time. My girlfriends and I were looking for something intimate & cool for a little dinner catch-up session and we got that and so much more.

Address: Old Castle Hotel, 7 Constitution St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town

Let’s start with the interior which is absolutely gorgeous. Think warm tones with beautiful, soft lighting, comfy seating, good spacing between tables (keeping social distancing in mind of course) and then to top it all off, a very sexy semi-covered courtyard out back…

Quick tour incoming:

During the day they serve yummy breakfasts, all-day brunch on the weekends, as well as a lovely selection of deli salads and light lunch options. Then for dinner, the ever-changing menu features a small, yet interesting selection of sharing plates, sides & sweet treats. Sustainability and a focus on quality ingredients comes through very strongly which is something I definitely look for when dining out.

This is what we enjoyed on the night (reminder: this was end of last year & the menu does change regularly):

Cheese & Bread plate… never met a cheese plate/board I didn’t love and this one did not disappoint.
Starting from front & centre: linefish, then to the left the mussels, a portion of fries & at the back their sustainably sourced Karoo lamb.
A closer look at that delectable lamb… #SoGood!

As you can see from the photos above, they’re sitting on the elegant dining side of things, but they still manage to retain a very homely, comfortable & inviting atmosphere. Nothing about the meal felt fussy in any way & we were able to relax and just enjoy catching up while digging into amazing food.

Sweets for my sweet… a nice way to end things off.

Now due to COVID-19 it’s been a real roller coaster for the SA restaurant industry this past 16 months. They have been massively impacted and are really fighting to stay afloat. The most recent Level 4 restrictions that once again forced restaurants to close their doors for sit down meals yet again called for restaurants to pivot (I mean just how many times can one pivot before falling over??) . Seed & Circus looked at their options and decided not to do takeaways as the costs compared to potential earnings did not make sense. Instead they encouraged patrons to buy vouchers, help them clear out fridges & shelves to support other small businesses & ran pop-ups with all proceeds going to their staff.

I REALLY love this little spot & I want them to stay open for many many more years to come. So this is my open call to all of you to please check them out!

Seed & Circus is OPEN:

  • Tue to Sun from 9am for breakfast & lunch until 3pm
  • Wed to Fri from 6pm for dinner

TO BOOK A TABLE: Use their Dineplan link.

To check out their latest menu, do hop on over to their Instagram page. They always share info about new dishes and menu updates there. But be warned: Their feed will leave you feeling very hungry…

If you’re lucky, you may even meet Seed & Circus mascot, Gigi! How gorgeous is she!?! (photo taken from their Instagram page)

I’m no longer doing my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter rating scale for restaurant features. Why? A mix of reasons really… 1) I feel like I’ve outgrown it, 2) I was only ever featuring restaurants that I really loved, so scores always ended up being on the top end of the scale & therefore the whole scoring thing became a bit redundant, and 3) With the impacts of Covid-19 our restaurant industry needs all the love & support it can get. If I have a bad experience, I’d rather raise it with the restaurant directly. This is something I was doing before Covid anyway and something I’ll continue to do. But ja, long story short, please trust that if I feature a restaurant here on the blog it’s because I loved the experience & think it’s worth adding to your “must try” list. I will also always be upfront about review invites & gifted meals and will add this in the form of the hashtags you will see below.

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