Rock Werchter – day 2: the music madness continues…

by Karisa

Before we jump into day 2… I mentioned yesterday that I might have some video clips from day 1 to share… and guess what, I do!  I have two clips, both from the list of favourites I mentioned yesterday, so here goes:

  • And then this is a short clip from Biffy Clyro‘s set, but it still gives you a good idea of their performance:

Now back to the day 2 lowdown.  First thing I spotted was a festival essential I didn’t even know existed.  A solar phone charger people, check it out:


Emma bought this one back in London for 12 pounds. Pretty nifty hey?

Luckily there was also a phone charging drop off zone at the festival.  So I could at least make use of that.  But this little gadget is on this year’s xmas list for sure.

Now as you can imagine, you meet some really interesting folks at music festivals.  Case in point these okes in their super bright yet super cool suits:


Respect guys… huge respect… love it.

My crew of ladies, I have to say, looked very festival chic throughout.  That’s cause we made sure we forked out the 3 euros for a shower every morning.  Even though it was the most disappointing shower experience ever:  cold water, super low water pressure AND you had to pull & hold down a piece of string to make the water come out!  That I promise you takes quite a lot of coordination when you’re trying to wash your face or open a shampoo bottle at the same time – and all that with a hangover. #ouch

But at least we were clean dammit…


Big up girls. We worked hard to look (and smell) this good.

Now back to the music.  Day 2 brought more great options.  We got to see Two Door Cinema Club.  D took a rad little video, but for some reason my Mac hates it.  We reckon it’s because it was taken on a Samsung Galaxy and we all know about the rivalry between Apple and Samsung hey.  So I couldn’t edit it in iMovie to share with you guys. 🙁  BUT do check out this video uploaded to Youtube by Adeline D. – she must have been right up front – lucky girl:

Back at Klub C, Vo and I decided to go check out Kesha (D refused to join us – he was sticking to his “man-sized-music” choices).  Neither of us were really big fans or anything, but we figured she’d be a fun show to watch.  And damn, she really was.  I was also surprised at how many of the words of her songs we actually knew.  I blame all of that on bloody 5FM…


Tik-Tok on the clock, but the party don’t stop no…. ooo-o-oooo-o-oo-oh

I didn’t catch my own video, but again, luckily Youtube is full of great Rock Werchter 2013 clips, so I found this one posted by Yannick Jacobs to share:

A big highlight of my day was seeing the The Lumineers live.  I have been obsessed with them for a few months now and they really didn’t disappoint.


The Lumineers on stage – loved every minute…

Was too entranced to snap my own video, my brain didn’t even click that this would be a great idea – but this Youtube video by justdimi is pretty epic:

Next up was Major Lazer, another really fun act, let me show you what I mean (this time my own video!) – we start to jump, jump, jump around 18 seconds in:

We also watched John Legend & The Script.  They were cool.  But for me personally they were more of a tick in the box to say yeah I’ve seen them live.


John Legend


The Script

But Ben Howard later on in the evening really blew me away.  I didn’t know too much about him at the time, D had to fill me in, but he was absolutely brilliant.  You might recognise this song of his (apologies for the shakiness at the beginning – there was a lot of foot stomping going on):

And then the final band for the evening (well for me that is – I was so pooped and had to go get some shuteye around 1am), was Blur – a band I really loved during my varsity days.  So it was really cool to finally see them doing their thing on stage.  Here’s a clip of them doing their big hit, Tender:

Ja, so that was day 2 guys and girls.  More cool stuff to come though… so do check back in.


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