Rock Werchter day 3 – from feelin’ the hippy love to entering the darkness…

by Karisa

Day 3 of Rock Werchter (otherwise known as Saturday – not that anybody was keeping track at the time) brought some major sunshine. The weather peaked up to about 29 degrees and it was finally time to whip out those shorts and lily-white legs for the first time. #happiness


 But it also soon meant we were doing anything and everything to find some shade…


Festival fatigue had started setting in.  That meant that we weren’t really missioning around to see every band.  It was more of a chilled day.  Our main goal was to see Rudimental – and they certainly did not disappoint.


Just check out this little clip from their set (you will have to crank up the sound quite a bit – had to remove a lot of background noise to try eliminate the static from the insane base my bru):

Once we got out of Rudimental, things get a bit hazy to be honest.  Day drinking is tough…  Somehow we managed to wander around for like 5 hours, but I can’t really tell you what exactly we got up to.  Haha.  So let’s just do this:

<fill in about 5 paragraphs of festival awesomeness here> 😉

Now with Rock Werchter you can either buy a full festival ticket, paired with a camping ticket (or not if you can get a place to stay nearby). Or you can buy a day ticket only if there is a particular day that tickles your fancy.  Day 3 happened to also be Rammstein day.  And thanks to that, there were a lot of “extra special” day visitors.  Visitors like these lovely folks wearing fake blood and stuffs:


You see that chain on the ground. That was a leash. It would go around her neck, and she would follow the dude around… hey, whatever floats your boat I always say.

And just like that… we realised… the hippy, festival love was gone and the darkness was upon us…  D & Vo joked that at least my kitty T from The Lot made me blend in:


What? I don’t see it…

But ja, let’s just say there were some hectic folks there and they wanted to see a hectic show.

I’ve never been a fan of Rammstein, and I probably never will be.  To be honest, they scare the living bejezus out of me.  But I can appreciate the fact that they certainly do go all out to put on a show.  It’s kinda like a very scary, German opera… with fireworks and crazy flames.  Here’s a little taste:

I didn’t stay for their full set.  D is a big fan – so he did, and he said they were incredible as always.  I’m gonna just have to take his word on that one…  I will say though, from the little I saw, I had some pretty interesting dreams that night. 🙂


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