Exploring Ibiza town…

by Karisa

Now before we get to the paryting… and don’t worry, we WILL get to the partying.  I wanted to share the beauty of Ibiza town.  It’s official name in Catalan is actually Eivissa and it’s divided into two main parts:  the modern part which they refer to as Eixample (which means the “extension”) and the old town which is called Dalt Vila (meaning “upper town” – as it’s on a little mountain area).

From the bus stop, we decided to wander through the modern area first and hit the beach (upper town doesn’t have a beach).  This part of Ibiza town is not really that pretty, but once you get to the beachfront, there’s lots of nice cafes & restaurants where you can sit down for a jug of sangria and some tapas.  And as for the beach, it’s got soft sand and water at perfect swimming temperature, so what more could you need really?

We settled here for a while and were quite happy…


The beach…


Some of the beachfront sights… that sangria we had was the best thing ever, the tapas were average. But did I mention the sangria??

We then decided to do a coastal walk up to the Dalt Vila.  It’s a beautiful walk, so I highly recommend it.  It took us about 20 min (lots of stopping for pics and such) and it gets quite steep towards the end, so definitely wear comfortable flat shoes (same goes for when you’re inside the Dalt Vila actually).


Views on the walk to Dalt Vila…

The Dalt Vila is today a UNESCO World Heritage site and definitely a must see.  The area is surrounded by old defensive or castle walls and inside you’ll find lots of narrow, winding, cobble stone streets, leading to a main square filled with beautiful little shops and restaurants, very romantic actually.


The castle walls protecting the Dalt Vila.

Here are a view pics I took from the inside:






And from the castle walls, you get the most incredible views over the whole of Ibiza town and it’s harbour:








Then you take the winding stairs down to the main square where all the magic happens:





Beautiful right?  I never even knew something like this existed on the Ibiza island, because all you ever hear about are the night clubs…

D and I went back again on our last night and spoiled ourselves with a fancy dinner.  It was pricey, that’s for sure, but the food was very good.  Next time I’m in Ibiza I’m definitely going to see if I can manage a spot to stay in the Dalt Vila.  I’m sure it’ll be way more expensive, but it truly is such a special place.  I really want to spend more time there.

Right, with that bit of cultural richness out of the way, we’ll move on to the party scene next. 🙂


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