Ibiza and the Magic Boat Party

by Karisa

So while D and I were chilling on the Ibiza town beach, this guy approached us.  His name was Samuel and he said he was from a company called the Magic Boat Party.

Basically he said for 70 euros each, we would get a boat trip to the island of Formentera and back on a 25 meter long catamaran.  On this catamaran there would be a live DJ, jet skiing, opportunity to swim, FREE drinks as well as dinner.  AND – to sweeten the deal even further – they would also give us free entry into Pacha after the boat party as well as free entry into the Ants party at Ushuaia on the Saturday followed by free entry into Amnesia’s Matinée party later that evening as well.

Sounded too good to be true really… our South African instincts were screaming “DODGY DEAL!!!  BACK AWAY!!!” – because we’re just so bloody used to being scammed all the time.  But, I had heard from various people that it was quite common to organise boat trips and reduced club entry on the beaches, so I decided to take a risk and go with it.  After all, we only had to put down a 10 euro deposit each.  So if it did turn out to be absolute bollocks, we wouldn’t be out of pocket that much…

The next day we headed to the Ibiza town harbour to see this party boat of ours.  We had to meet up at 3:30pm and then you’d arrive back at 9pm.  Just in time for a refresh back at home and then back out for a party at Pacha (or at least that was the plan).

To be honest, I had expected to see a little rowboat instead of this impressive catamaran Samuel had described, but I was pleasantly surprised when this baby arrived:



Immediately D and I breathed a sign of relief.  Maybe this was legit…

So with that we boarded and found a spot with both a good view, but also close proximity to that bar which was going to be servin’ up those free drinks.  (we were damn sure gonna get out money’s worth – euros converted to rands aint any freakin’ party you know)

On board, things continued to look up.  It was exactly how they’d promised.  We had free reign over the bar.  The DJ was playing cool tunes.  You could go on jet ski rides and they stopped at a certain point so we could swim for like an hour or so…





Here’s a short video clip D took which gives you a little taste of the general vibe:

We had a great time.  Drank lots.  Ate lots.  Swam lots.  Got sunburnt (and probably a bit of sun stroke as well).  Passed out around 8pm because I’m not that fit when it comes to day drinking.  Never made it to Pacha (well that night anyways – we got there in the end though).  Can’t quite tell you what Formentera island looks like as things got a bit hazy at a certain point. #fail 😉  Would I recommend this to others?  Yeah I would.  Especially because of the free club entries which are included.

Check out all the Magic Boat Party details on their website over here.  This was one Ibiza “to do item” ticked off my list, but only the beginning of our exploration into the Ibiza party scene…


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