Ibiza – partying part 2: from late night into early morning

by Karisa

After the party at Ushuaïa on the Saturday, we decided to head back home to freshen up, then back out to Amnesia.  Amnesia is closer to the San Antoni area and to get there we had to make use of Ibiza’s Discobus service which kicks in at midnight.  It passes most of the big clubs – check the website link for all the details.

Now usually, tickets for Amnesia cost about 40 – 50 euros if you buy your tickets online  (I’ve heard that in general, door prices for all clubs can be about 15 – 20 euros more).  But remember, with that Magic Boat Party hookup, we got free entry via the guest list.  The only catch was that we had to be there by 1am.  Sounds easy enough, no?  Well… turns out the Discobus is a bit of a slow process when one is coming all the way from Es Canar and we basically got there just as the clock struck 1.  We ran in, hoping we could just say here’s our names & thx.  But what we weren’t anticipating was that the guest list queue would look like this:


Oh yes… that’s right… it stretches all the way round… #fail

Seems EVERYONE is on the bloody guest list… We basically stood in this queue for 30min before one of the security people told us that the guest list was definitely closed now and we’d have to pay 30 euros to get in.  To be honest, I wasn’t that keen on the look of the place when we arrived (it seemed to be in not the greatest area), plus I had now had 30min to suss out the people waiting to get in and I guessed the average age at about 15 1/2 years old.  Maybe a little more. 😉  So unfortunately this is all I can show you when it comes to Amnesia:


The outside & parking lot.

Because I made an executive decision to give it a miss and rather get some shuteye instead.  Yes – I realise this classifies me as a total granny.  I don’t care.  I still had 30 euors safely tucked into my wallet.

The next day, after Blue Marlin, we decided to go check out Pacha (in Ibiza Town).  Why Pacha?  Well it is apparently famous for being Ibiza’s oldest and most well known club, and it had been recommended to me by a few people before I left SA as being quite a stylish & sophisticated nightclub.  I liked the sound of that.

Another driving factor was the fact that Bosnian DJ, Solomun, was playing.  Last year he was awarded the title of DJ of the Year by Mixmag, Producer of the Year by the DJ Awards in Ibiza, as well as Best DJ International by the Cool Awards in Brazil.  So we figured he would be a good person to check out.  (Read more about him on his Wikipedia page over here)

Pacha is also known for their “F*** Me I’m Famous” parties on Thursday evenings, featuring David Guetta.  But don’t get too excited – ticket prices for these parties start at 79 euros and seem to go up to 125 on certain weeks (again, only online prices, door prices should be more).  Then you still have to pay for drinks… #ouch

Ticket prices for other nights average out at 47 euros, again if you purchase online.  I heard a price of 65 euros at the door, but can’t confirm this as we got in for 30 euros through a contact we met at that Jacaranda Lounge place around the corner from where we were staying.  The 30 euros was to get us on the guest list – shouldn’t guest list be free? – we probably still totally got swindled.  But it was still better than the online or door price, so I wasn’t too fussed.  I didn’t feel like going through any major mission to score a better deal.

The club, just as a quick summary, is very cool.  And quite a lot bigger than it seems from the outside.


Welcome to Pacha…


And on the inside…

To set the scene, here’s a short clip from Solomun’s set.  There’s a little surprise about 23 seconds in:

Now you can’t say that doesn’t look like a good party.  Layout wise, Pacha has the main party area downstairs, as you saw in the clip.  Then upstairs, there’s a big terrace where you can chill for a bit and maybe get something to eat before you head back down to the madness:


Loved that you had the option. There are also VIP tables throughout the club, with your own private sexy, dancing girl, and all that good stuff if your wallet allows for it.

D and I had a great time at Pacha, and I would definitely recommend this club to anybody heading to Ibiza.

Other big club names you might have heard of would be Space, Privilege & Ibiza Rocks (plus maybe some extra ones – there’s a full list over here).  But I can’t really comment on these as I ran out of time.  But I’d like to go back to Ibiza again, especially now that I know the ins & outs a bit better.  This island will definitely be much easier to navigate the next time round.  Hell maybe I’ll even learn how to get around those crazy drinks prices… well, one can live in hope at least…

Other options for reduced ticket prices?  Stay tuned.


PS.  Forgot to mention.  Nobody heads out to these clubs before midnight.  It only starts heating up around 1am/2am.

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