Ses Salines beach in Ibiza – a must for anyone visiting this island

by Karisa

I hear it’s really cold back in Cape Town at the moment… can’t say I’m missing that harsh winter weather at all…

For those battling through winter right now, this post probably won’t make you feel any better.  It’s all about a beautiful beach, sun, sand and general summer awesomeness.  So you might want to look away now. 😉

Ses Salines (aka Las Salinas) beach is one of the trendiest & most popular beaches in Ibiza.  It’s situated on the southern most tip of the island and it’s about a 10min drive from Playa d’en Bossa or Ibiza town.  We caught a bus from Es Canar to Ibiza Town, then swapped onto another bus to Ses Salines.  It was pretty easy, cause the bus drops you right outside the beach.

The beach is named after the salt lakes in the south of Ibiza (which you can see en route there) and the beach itself stretches an area of approx. 1.5 km long.  Expect to see lots of loungers & umbrellas, restaurants & beach bars, massage booths, paddle boats & catamarans and yachts bopping around just beyond the swimming area.

The water temperature is slightly warm, but still cold enough to be really refreshing and the water is also totally flat and calm, which makes it perfect for you to just have an easy swim and float around a little.  In 2 words:  absolute bliss.

I also spotted some of the restaurants bringing people cocktails right to their sun loungers.  I’m assuming that’s a perk that comes along with renting those…

But enough talking, let me show you this incredible beach:







I know, I know… tough life…

The other thing this beach is known for is the promo girls & guys from the various clubs who basically try to out do each other in order to sell discounted entry bands into all the big parties.  They are of course all very beautiful people wearing very little:





Shame, I did kinda feel bad for those ladies in the faux fur getups.  That must’ve been ridiculously hot.  I mean I was just wearing a regular bikini and I was boiling.  I’m guessing some club manager decides on the outfit for the day and then you just have to go with the flow…  just proving once again that every job has its crappy parts.

I had heard rumours that you can sometimes get free access bands, but on the day we were there they were all definitely only selling them at discounted rates.  But still, a saving is a saving.  So if you plan on doing a lot of clubbing during your visit, I highly recommend you do some beach time at Ses Salines.

Actually, on that topic, something I forgot to mention was that there are various surf shops and bars along all the beach areas on the island that also sell tickets at discounted prices. I had a look at one or two and they seemed to be just a little bit cheaper than the online prices.  But still, it is another option at least.

D and I got a bit peckish around 5pm, so we decided to try out one of those beach restaurants we’d been eyeing out during the day.  We settled at the Guarana Beach Club:



Not a bad view hey?  As expected, prices are quite steep.  But Corona’s were at least only 5 euros each, and their food (from what I experienced) is really good.  We had the calamari, which cost about 21 euros, but it was the best calamari I’ve had in freakin’ ages:


Makes me hungry just looking at this pic…

Other spots on Ses Salina which came recommended were the Jockey Club (next door to Guarana) as well as Sa Trinxa (this one seemed to be right on the opposite end of the beach).  I’m sure they have similar pricing and a similar setup to where we were though.  I was quite happy with my beer, view & calamari, so didn’t feel the need to shop around any further really.  Maybe next time.

Now you must be thinking, does this beach trump Cape Town’s beautiful beaches?  Beauty wise, no – I’d say they are on par.  I mean, Captonians are pretty spoilt when it comes to their beach options.  BUT the water here doesn’t give you hyperthermia, so that’s definitely a major plus point.  All Cape Town really needs now are some water heaters.  I think I’ll send Helen Zille an email when I’m back…


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