MCQP Space Cowboys in pictures

by Karisa

So this year’s MCQP party unfortunately ended off on a low note for me when I was pick pocketed and through that lost my phone. 🙁  (but hey, at least they didn’t get my camera as well, it was luckily lower down in my bag)

This now makes my 2nd iPhone stolen this year and my 2nd phone stolen at MCQP (same thing happened to me at the Maid in China party).  As you might imagine, I was seriously pissed off and my insurance company absolutely loves me.  BUT a few days of missioning and admin later, I have a replacement phone up & running again and I’m finally able to take a step back and reminisce about what a totally fun night it was up until that point, because overall, I really did have a blast…

So with that, I give you MCQP Space Cowboys in pictures:


Partner in crime, Vo, and I went for a Space Barbies look. Some clever spray painting goes a long way I tell ya…

mcqp3DSC06232 DSC06233 DSC06235











Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.48.42 PM.png

And hands down my favourite pic of the night.

As you can see, it certainly was one hell of a party.  And even though I was really upset about my phone, I’ll likely be doing this again in 2014…  Next year however I’m just gonna be keeping my phone in my damn underpants 😉 OR I’m gonna get one of these:

I feel a plan coming together…


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