A Langebaan getaway with Club Mykonos

by Karisa

A little piece of Greece…

I never really thought I’d say this, but I went to Club Mykonos in Langebaan and I had an absolute blast.

Over the past few years I’ve heard very mixed things about this Greek inspired resort which has apparently been around for about 25 years now, so it wasn’t really high up on my “things to see” list.

But when bestie Leigh was then asked to go and check it out for a review, and was told that she could take along two girlfriends, that’s how myself and third musketeer, Tam, ended up on a little weekend roadtrip…

We had been booked into a 3 bedroom self-catering unit in the Club Mykonos Preferred – Hillside * area:

Cute right?  This unit had 1 double bed and 4 singles with 2 bathrooms, one of which was en-suite.

It definitely seemed like the place to be, because well, the view was just incredible:

* There are also Marina, Sea Front & Village options in the Preferred range.

Our unit’s pricing starts at R1900 per night, but you can check out their full breakdown of 2014 rates over here.  There are also other accommodation options closer to the centre of the resort called the Terraces & MyCascades.  These also seemed nice, just smaller and a bit more on top of each other, but they are also more affordable:

I think for me personally, I just preferred being further out with a little more space between us and our neighbours…

Our unit had it’s own braai, so that was definitely a great option for dinner, but the resort also has a variety of eatery options you can choose from if you don’t feel like doing dishes. I really loved two in particular.  The first was a seaside spot called Lekka By Die See:

Absolutely loved the decor… The menu of course has lots of great seafood options as well as some really tasty pizzas.

It’s situated right on the beach which means you can go for a long, leisurely stroll immediately after your meal to walk some of it off again:

The second was a cute little Greek restaurant called Bouzouki:

The restaurant has a very casual atmosphere and we had been told that service at times can be a bit slow, but the food was great and they make a pretty kick-ass Mykonos Magic cocktail, so I was very happy girl indeed.

The resort also has lots and lots of other facilities, from a casino, indoor pool and gym to various kid zones.  City slickers will probably not find the Cellu-Beauty Spa up to scratch, but to be totally honest, the best chill time really is to be had on that balcony of yours… Just sit back, put your feet up & enjoy next-level sunsets like this one:

Aaaaand exhale…

I’d say if you’ve been looking for a little getaway that didn’t require too much driving outside of Cape Town, this is a good option.

Fresh sea air can only ever leave you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated, right?


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