A new coffee kid on the block: Shift Espresso Bar

by Karisa

Mmmmm… the smell of fresh coffee… can you smell it?  Can you?  If not, maybe you should pop into the new Shift Espresso Bar in Main Rd, Green Point…. (see what I did there? 😉 )

As a new kid on the block as far as coffee spots in Cape Town go, Shift has already become a popular coffee destination amongst Green Point locals.

With a great little courtyard out front and a really cool interior, I could quickly see why. BUT not only are we talking location and aesthetics here, they also serve a mean cuppa.

Their coffee beans are supplied by Bean There Coffee, so you know it’s good, but you wont find this particular blend anywhere else because Bean There has made a special blend for Shift alone.

If you’re hungry you can also grab a sandwich, a freshly baked muffin or croissant, or maybe even a tempting piece of cake, a decadent brownie or an extra large cookie… Now you’re talking…

I sat down with lovely owner, Luigi Vigliotti, who has some very exciting ideas up his sleeve, so I’m sure their popularity is only going to go from strength to strength, and I could tell that this is a guy who’s really passionate about good coffee, good food and creating a space where people would feel completely happy and at home.

For the tech junkies out there – they are working on their wifi setup and then they also have plug points & charging stations for your laptop or phone.

OK so enough talking, let me give you a tour:

You can purchase a 250g bag of their house blend for R89

Amazing space right?  Here’s also a closer look at their coffee options and prices, including their very unique specialty coffees which quite possibly have the coolest names around:

All the specialty coffees come standard as a double shot…  And sorry, if it’s a bit small – you’re looking at R17 for single shot & R21 for double shot cappuccino/flat white/latte and R13 single shot & R15 double shot for an espresso.  They also do a Lindt hot chocolate, a white hot chocolate & a Chai latte.

Over and above a beautiful flat white, I also got to sample the Bearded Junkie (R25) as well as the Italian Plumber (R25):

If like me, you love a bit of hazelnutty goodness, you’re gonna love the Bearded Junkie on the left. If you’re an ice coffee / coffee milkshake fan, the Italian Plumber will be your boy (it’s made with real vanilla gelato just so you know)

All I can say it that it’s all round an awesome spot.  Love the space.  Love the people.  Love the coffee.  What else could one want really?

To pay them a visit (and you really should), you’ll find them at:

  • 47 Main Rd, Green Point  (you’ll find their entrance right next to the entrance to the Cape Royale Hotel)
  • Opening hours:  Mon – Sun, 7am to 6pm




Josefine Anderung Jul 29, 2014 - 11:43 am

Wow “Been There Coffee ” Thats my favorite and I have totally missed this new place, must try it out! Thanks for the tip! Beautiful blog

Karisa Jul 29, 2014 - 12:12 pm

Hi Josefine, thanks for the kind words 🙂 And yes, it’s a very cool spot. You should definitely pop in to check it out. xx


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