Crayfish season celebrations over at OYO Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

by Karisa

So it’s crayfish season and the folks over at OYO Restaurant & Cocktail Bar have come up with the perfect way to celebrate.  Located within the Victoria & Alfred Hotel in the V&A Waterfront, this sexy restaurant is offering you the following:

I was lucky enough to give this awesome little deal a test drive last Friday evening… And now, I can happily report that I think it’s really cool.  Firstly, the restaurant is just beautiful.  Unfortunately for us the weather did not play along, but I got there just in time to get some great shots of the interior as well as the view (which really is quite something).

Let me show you around:

Gorgeous right?

Now your meal comes with a glass of Reyneke Organic Wine (your choice of either white or red).  My friend D and I both went for the white and it really is a beautiful wine.  Will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for their wines again in future.

If you’re not sure what sauce to pick, they’ll bring you a little of all 3. But my personal opinion?  The lemon butter is where it’s at…


And then your crayfish is also served with a fresh side salad & some potato salad… both were delicious.

While you’re there, I also recommend checking out their cocktail menu (they are a cocktail bar as well of course) –  their Martini selection sounded particularly good with options like white chocolate, passionfruit & vanilla, blueberry, chilli & basil… and the ultimate… chocolate, chilli & orange.

And then for the dessert lovers out there, their malva pudding (R50 – not included in the crayfish special, but worth every cent) is hands down the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant (ouma’s malva will of course always be nr 1), but seriously… it was so damn good, you’d be forgiven for wanting to lick the bowl:

And just look how pretty it is too… #Yum

All ‘n all, we had a really lovely evening at OYO – great setting, great service, great food, and I’m sure the crayfish lovers will enjoy their crayfish special.  Contact them on 021 419 6677 to book your table with a view.


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