Please show some support for Eat For The Earth during the month of June

by Karisa

Soil For Life
is a local NGO based in Constantia that focuses on educating people in the underprivileged communities of Cape Town about growing their own vegetables and understanding good health & nutrition, as well as teaching them some valuable business skills.

For the last few years, they’ve been running a campaign called Eat for the Earth where they invite the public to host a meal during the month of June and invite and encourage their friends  to come and donate to Soil for Life.

This video serves as a good intro (it’s only about 30sec):

But how does it work?

Meals are logged on their Eat for the Earth website where people can donate and get access to blog posts, videos and e-books.

Basically you need to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the “Register a meal now” form on their home page
  2. After registering, check out the weekly blogs on growing veggies & preparing wholesome meals
  3. Then simply host your meal (dinner party style) in the comfort of your home & ask your invited friends to make a donation – something which they can do by logging in and donating their money straight to Soil For Life.

It’s that simple…  And with World Environment Day coming up tomorrow (5 June), there’s even more reason to get involved.

So come on people, let’s spread the love and help fill some hungry tummies!




To find out more about what we do please visit our websites listed above.

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