Buy a pair of Vosk shoes and help a child in need

by Karisa

Here’s your chance to do some retail therapy AND help someone in need in one clean swoop… #High5ToThat

Introducing Vosk Shoes, an awesome new for-profit Social Enterprise that’ll donate one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of Vosk Shoes purchased:

Vosk Shoes

Vosk Shoes

Vosk Shoes

But how does it work?

Being for-profit enables them to give sustainably as long as they are in business.  But this is where they need your help…

They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo.  Their goal is to raise enough funds in order to help grow their business, develop their own eCommerce store and create much-needed awareness of their brand.

You can pre-order your pair of sneakers from their Indiegogo page today for only $39 (approx R470).  Or if you’re a little cash-strapped, you can still help by donating from as little as $1, OR by purchasing a Vosk T for $18 (approx R220), a Vosk Cap for $20 (approx R240), or a Vosk Hoodie for $25 (approx R300).  For every purchase (both shoes & apparel), they are pledging to give one new pair of shoes to a child in need.  So even if you can only afford a T-shirt, you’re still going to be making your mark.

Reasons why Vosk Shoes deserves your support:

  1. Through their partnership with Samaritan’s Feet SA you will be helping them to help children in need.
  2. It’s a proudly South African product – designed & made here in SA, using natural rubber soles and canvas uppers.
  3. Their shoes are sexy as hell.  And, you can literally carry Africa with you with every step you take thanks to their cool African continent soles.

Take a look ladies & gents:

Vosk Shoes

Future plans include partnering & collaborating with various South African artists, brands, musicians and individuals to create and design the coolest shoes in Africa.  I say a big “Hell yeah” to that.

Still not sold?  I think this little video will seal the deal:

Come on people – show your support & let’s spread some love…   Hop on over to now and make your pledge.


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Lesley Morgan Aug 30, 2016 - 10:40 pm

I live in Joburg south and can’t find where to buy the shoes.


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