I give Superbalist.com a bit of a test drive

by Karisa

So… a few weeks ago I was given a R500 Superbalist voucher and asked whether I would be willing to give their online store a bit of a test drive and then share my thoughts about the process.  Um, what girl would say no to the chance of spending R500??  Of course, my answer was a swift yes.

For those who’ve never heard of Superbalist before, they’re this uber trendy online store selling all kinds of fashion (for both women & men), accessories and decor stuff.

Basically, if you’re looking for a good distraction, or some retail therapy, this is a good spot to be…

Now at first it was a bit of a struggle trying to decide what to spend my R500 on.  Should I get something nice for my apartment?  Should I get something responsible / something I really need?  Or should I simply splurge out on shoes?

Shoes!  The answer is always shoes… 🙂

At first I had my eye on a pair of gold Superga sneakers.  They were sexy and shiny, but sadly they didn’t have them in my size…. So I cried for a day or two and then realised there’s a Superga store in Canal Walk.  Problem solved!  To avoid similar heartache, I highly recommend using their filtering options where you can enter your size.  That way you don’t end up clicking on things you can’t have.  (that was definitely a big lesson learnt for me)

So with my sneaker desires satisfied, I decided to have a look at some heels, and this is what finally made it’s way into my basket:

Both pairs were R299 and from a brand called Footwork.  You like?

Now R299 + R299 did go over my R500 voucher limit BUT because this was my first ever purchase with Superbalist, I also got a R100 sign up voucher to use.  #Yay  The other cool thing?   Delivery is FREE (that’s for standard delivery which happens withing 1 – 4 working days of you placing your order, or you can pay extra for express & weekend delivery – but you can read more about that over here).

I placed my order on the 24th of Sep, which was a public holiday of course, and I was therefore very pleasantly surprised when it arrived first thing on Monday morning – so that was only really 1 working day and a bit.

Hellooooooo happiness…

What I also liked is that I got an email at every step of the way:  Order placed, order prepared for shipping, shipment on the move, etc.  So you’re definitely kept in the loop.

I really really love the brown shoes, but the black pair is a bit loose, so I may have to exchange them or ask for a refund.  Luckily returns are also FREE, and from what I understand, the courier will come and collect the item again. Different product categories do have different return requirements, but it can all be arranged via your orders area on the site.  So it all sounds pretty easy.

Another Superbalist feature I also really love?  You can sign up for special deal emails.  Normally emails would really annoy me, but some of these special deals are really awesome.  Like this one that ran on heritage day for example:

Um, that’s pretty cool… Especially if you’ve been window shopping for a while…

All ‘n all I can happily report that my Superbalist experience was rather suberb. (see what I did there)  And if you’ve got a burning desire to try your hand at some online shopping, I say do give them a bash.

R500 voucher aside (although of course that part was pretty damn awesome) – Superbalist gets a double thumbs up from me.




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