Thx so much to Cision for including me in their Top 10 African Travel Blogs list

by Karisa

This week, Cision (a leading global provider of PR software and services) published an article called “Top 10 African Travel Blogs“… and I was massively surprised (and stoked) when I found out that I was actually on it!

This is what the article says about how the list came about:

This week’s Top 10 has gone international! Using Cision’s media database and enlisting the help of our colleagues in Europe, we compiled this list of African travel blogs based on Cision’s proprietary research. We then ranked the blogs by comment count during the month of September, as well as number of inbound links. Active social presence was also taken into account. Please note that we focused on independent blogs, excluding those run by larger brands or agencies.

I share the list with some really awesome people.  Like Dawn Jorgensen (aka The Incidental Tourist) who’s always on some incredible adventure to help promote some equally incredible project.  This lady seriously makes me want to be a better human.

Then there’s Kathryn Rossiter from Becoming You and Natalie Roos from Tails of a Mermaid, two really cool Cape Town ladies who I regularly run into at blogger events.  Love their work.

As for the rest of the list,  I’ve definitely got some reading to do, because they all look really cool…

To check out the list for yourselves (and maybe add some new people to your favourites list), hop on over here:

To Cision and of course to all of you guys, I have to say a very big thank you.  The blog has always been a bit of a sideline passion that I juggle along with my day job, and therefore it’s always really awesome when you hear that people dig what you do.

I’m sending lots of love and positive vibes to everyone out there.  Hope you’re all having a kick ass weekend.



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