Cape Town Fight Club will kick your butt all the way to summer body glory

by Karisa

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been pretty obsessed with boxing training over the past few months…

Eye of the tiger yo…

But how did this happen?  Well it all started with a 12 week challenge.  I was part of a group of ladies who joined the Cape Town Fight Club team at OneUp Lifestyle in Green Point to prove that boxing isn’t just for the boys, girls can kick butt too… aaaand look better while doing so. (waterproof mascara ladies, that’s the key)

But the 12 week challenge morphed into a passionate love affair (slash addiction), and I now stand before you (virtually of course) a newfound lover of being a total badass, listening to angry rap, and appreciating the wonderful word of tattoo art.

She works hard for the money… so hard for it honey…

Top left… our faces once we realised what boxing training actually involved…

It’s a really tough workout, but also a really fun one.  And to be honest, going to “normal gym” now is a total snooze fest.  To me, this has been the most gratifying way to get fit.  It left me feeling so strong, I now challenge my friends to regular boxing matches (OK no, that’s not true… well maybe when I’ve had too much wine).  Sadly due to a recent corporate gig that has been keeping me very busy, I haven’t made it to a classes in a few weeks and the withdrawal symptoms have been brutal.  I hope to get my butt back there soon, because my constant eating (otherwise known as “blog research”) needs some counter-balancing for sure.

Keen to try it out for yourself?  Well you can do a variety of group classes OR you can book one-on-one sessions with their team of trainers.

Have a look at their membership options over here, their walk-in & package fees over here, and their group glass schedule over here.

But of course, it’s always easier to try before you buy, right?  The awesome thing is that you can join them for a free first class to see what it’s all about.  Just give them a call on:  087 236 3068

Cape Town Fight Club is located within the OneUp Lifestyle centre which you’ll find at 39 Somerset Road, Green Point.

Still unsure?  Well here are a few reasons why you should follow Nike’s advice and “Just do it”:

  1. Feeling great
  2. Rock hard abs
  3. Butt cheeks so firm you can bounce a coin off them
  4. Being able to use the line “The first rule of fight club is:  You do not talk about fight club”  like all the time (even though I just totally broke that rule myself)

I think that’s ’nuff said, don’t you? 😉


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