The new look StellaCafé & Bar at the Southern Sun The Cullinan makes for a lovely summer sundowner spot

by Karisa

If you’re looking for a good poolside hangout this summer… May I suggest the Stella Café & Bar at the Southern Sun The Cullinan.

The space recently got a sexy new revamp along with a fresh new tapas menu, and I recently had the pleasure of giving it a little test drive.

Located on the ground floor, right next to the hotel’s gorgeous pool, Stella Café & Bar offers the option of al fresco dining, or if you’re wanting a break from the sun, their new chic interior is rather welcoming.

Let me give you a quick tour:





And that pool I mentioned…


Inviting…. isn’t it…

Their new tapas menu (which will be updated from time to time based on what’s fresh & seasonal) is a lovely option for a light lunch or after-work sundowner companion.  It features some savoury items priced R30 – R60, as well as a few sweet things priced R30 – R35.

As far as tapas go, I have to say that’s very reasonable.  Also the servings are decent, so I was quite impressed.

As far as drink options go, they have a selection of fine bubblies, wines & craft beers.  Then of course a hot summer’s day is not complete without a cocktail (or three).

Their options include an Amarena Old Fashioned (R55), a Boston Whiskey Sour (R65), a Rum Julep (R75), a Cosmopolitan Air (R52), or an Elderflower G&T to share (R105).

I couldn’t decide what to have, so I asked the chef to just bring out his favourite dishes. As you’ll see, it was quite a feast, both on the food & cocktail side. Let me show you what we had (and it’s a “we” because I had my gorgeous friend, Melain, along for the ride – otherwise I would’ve rolled home):

On the left: broccoli, cranberry & toasted walnuts salad (R50). Top right: warm truffle mushrooms, chickpea & green bean salad (R50). Bottom right: chili poppers with a hot ‘n sour sauce (R30 for a small portion, R60 for a large portion)

Elderflower G&T

This is the confit pork belly with coleslaw (R60)

The pickled barbecued salmon with lemon & pepper crème fraîche (R55)

The squid stuffed with salami (R30 for a small portion, R60 for a large portion)

The Kung Pau chicken on cauliflower rice (R45 for a small portion, R90 for a large portion)

The rum julep… summer in a glass…

Like a complete idiot, I accidentally deleted the dessert photo… #Sadface But we had the turkish delight cheese cake and the crème brûlée, and if you love sweet things, you’re going to love both of these.

My favourite cocktail was definitely the Rum Julep – but I do really love pineapple, so that was an easy sell. And then as far as my favourite savoury dishes go:  I enjoyed both the salads (the broccoli, cranberry & toasted walnuts salad and that warm truffle mushrooms, chickpea & green bean salad). I also quite liked the pickled barbecued salmon, and the chicken (just not a fan of cauliflower rice to be honest – but I’m sure the banters will dig it).

The rest of the dishes I think will come down to personal preference. For example I didn’t mind the squid stuffed with salami, but Melain found it strange.  I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the chili poppers as they’re not done in the traditional way.  (I’m very traditional about my poppers people) 😉

Overall I’m going to say that Stella Café and Bar makes for a really nice summer dining option, particularly if you’re wanting to take a dip in that pool (they don’t mind you using the pool if you’re a Stella customer – just so you know), and also if you’re just looking for something light paired with a refreshing drink or two.

The other nice thing is that they’re open daily from 07:00 to midnight, which means you can pop in any time.

I’m going to break down their Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scores as follows:

  • For friendly, attentive service, a good selection of drinks & a beautiful setting:  kiss4
  • For the food:  kiss3_smudge

To pay them a visit, take note of the following:

  • Address:  1 Cullinan Street, Cape Town City Centre
  • For bookings call:  (021) 415 4000

To wrap up, I have to just say a BIG thank you to the Stella team for being so welcoming on the night. This was such a lovely mid-week outing.


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