I try out the new Easy Tiger Burger Bar in Bree St

by Karisa

The guys from the Harbour House Group (the people behind the Harbour House restaurant in Kalk Bay, Tiger’s Milk & Lucky Fish) have added to their restaurant offering by launching a new burger bar called Easy Tiger.

Three of these burger bars have been planned to date.  The first one saw the Lucky Fish & Chips in Bree St revamped & relaunched as an Easy Tiger.   La Parada in Kalk Bay is also set to change over to an Easy Tiger, as well as the Lucky Fish & Chips in Sea Point.

The style is “fast-casual” – as in not quite fast food, but in a similar vein.  Wikipedia offers up the following definition:

A fast casual restaurant is a type of restaurant, found primarily in the United States, that does not offer full table service, but promises a higher quality of food with fewer frozen or processed ingredients than a fast food restaurant.

It’s definitely become a bit of a foodie trend here in Cape Town, with many small eateries popping up across the CBD.  I must say, I do love the uncomplicated style, particularly when securing restaurant bookings over season can be a bit of a pain.

Decor wise it’s quirky & fun, kinda similar to the decor at Tiger’s Milk in Long Street.  The menu is simple, the service is laid back, and the seating options keep things quite social.

Let me show you around:

My dining partner-in-crime, D, suggested that we try a basic burger and one of their more deluxe options.  That way we could do a saucy vs non-saucy comparison.  So with that in mind we shared the stepchild (R45) and the triple bypass (R65).

As far as sides go, you can choose between chips, cheesy chips (with optional bacon), spicy coleslaw & chilli poppers. And to wash it all down you can opt for a soda, milkshake, iced tea or tiser.

The stepchild at the back & the triple bypass in the front…

We both agreed that both burgers were tasty, but that the truffle infused mushroom sauce on that triple bypass was the ultimate in sauce awesomeness.

Therefore, I’m going to do my  Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scores as follows:

  • Basic burger:  kiss3_smudge
  • Mushroom Sauce:  kiss5

Want to get your burger fix on?  Then take note of the following:

  • The Bree St branch is open Monday to Thursday 11am to 11pm & Friday and Saturday 1pm to 11pm
  • Contact them on:  021 426 4659
  • Find them here:  120 Bree Street, City Bowl, Cape Town  (close to &Union & La Parada)

And if you happen to know of a burger joint worth a mention, do share below people.  Sharing is caring. 😉


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