My last big night out for 2015 with MCQP & time for a little break

by Karisa

This past weekend was an interesting one.  I spent my Friday night doing this:

Yup, that’s a bra covered in 100s & 1000s… Also cupcake hats with actual faux candles that light up…

But why?  Prep for my MCQP Candyland outfit of course!  How did it all turn out?  Well I must say I was pretty chuffed with the final result.   The candied bras did suffer some wear & tear as the evening progressed (causing us to leave a little trail of candy wherever we went), but I think overall we should definitely get an A for effort.

This was the final look:

We dubbed ourselves “sugar tits” for the evening 😉

With my sugar crew in tow (who all looked absolutely awesome I have to add), it was a quick walk from my place over to Harrington Street for the big street-style party…

Boom, that’s how we roll… #SquadGoals

Unfortunately the weather did not play along.  It was so incredibly windy outside causing everyone to try and find cover indoors, which of course made it quite packed in most of the venues.  This meant I only managed a few blurry shots before giving up.  But it was still a really fun night out with an awesome crowd.

I’d say keep an eye out on the MCQP Facebook page – I’m sure they’re going to be posting lots and lots of pro pics to show off all the hard work they put into this year’s event.  This party is always a favourite of mine because the people are so lovely and it’s a chance to get creative and just have a good laugh.

This, however, was my last hoorah for 2015.  This week I head off to Port Elizabeth to spend some quality time with the family & I plan to do a whole lotta nothing while there.

It’s been an incredibly fun year, but I’m looking forward to some well deserved downtime.  So with that I’m going to say that I hope you all have the bestest festive season break.  Look after yourselves, have a blast, and I’ll see you all again in thew new year.

I’ll be back ready to share a whole bunch of new stuff as of Mon, 4 Jan 2016.  So do keep an eye out.

Sending you all lots of love,

Karisa xxx

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