Half price tapas over at HQ every Thursday eve – take advantage people

by Karisa

Now the HQ Restaurant in Shortmarket St is of course known for their steak… but did you know that they also have a tapas menu?  And even better – that this tapas menu is half price on Thursdays? #YESSS

Swap the dining room for their sexy bar area, grab a seat & dig in people…

To wash it all down, their cocktail menu makes for the perfect tapas accompaniment.  Ooh and these shooters below are called a “Partridge in a Pear Tree” and contains Vanilla-infused spiced rum, goji pear pulp & fresh lemon served tall with a caramel and lemon foam. #Yum

Now let’s talk tapas:  Normally their prices range from R40 to R120.  But with the half price deal, you can of course slash that in half and eat double as much. (if your waistband allows of course)

We tried 6 different tapas between 2 people – the lamb sliders (which are served with truffle fries – my favourite!), the smoked chicken phyllo puffs, the tempura style calamari, the sirloin cubes (which is served with a Cafe de Paris butter sauce), the three cheese parcels, and the prawn & mozzarella springrolls.

As far as pricing goes: Lamb Sliders (86 full | 43 half), Smoked chicken phyllo puffs (58 full | 29 half), Tempura style calamari (68 full | 34 half), Sirloin cubes (56 full | 28 half), Three cheese parcels (50 full | 25 half) and prawn & mozzarella springrolls (78 full | 39 half)

My favourite items were those sirloin cubes (super tender & that sauce it’s served with amazing), the lamb sliders & truffle fries (a nice bang for your buck item cause it’s quite big), the tempura style calamari (always a safe option), and the prawn & mozzarella springrolls.

I wasn’t a fan of those chicken phyllo puffs because they’re served cold and cold dishes are never really my vibe, and the three cheese phyllo parcels I found to be a bit bland.  But overall we had a good time, we enjoyed some tasty things, and this definitely ends up being a meal that doesn’t break the bank. (which I think we can all do with at the moment, right?)

Other items I had my eye on but was just too full to fit in were the wild mushroom risotto and the chorizo chilli poppers, and then their HQ Signature Lobby Rolls with crayfish, spring onion, and mayonnaise in soft toasted rolls sounded super interesting, but unfortunately they had run out of crayfish on the night.

To check out their full menu – clicky clicky over here & skip to the section labelled “Bar snacks”.  They list both the full price & half price for all the items that form part of the special.  Also just to note – tapas are only served in the bar, lounge & courtyard, so do keep that in mind when booking a table.

Wanna give the tapas special a bash?  Maybe even tomorrow eve as a nice kick-off to the extra long weekend?  Then give them a call on: 021 424 6373  (they’re open from 12pm to 12am – so you can stay & enjoy some post tapas drinks as well)


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