Uncorking my creativity with Nederburg Ingenuity wines & Come Wine With Us

by Karisa

A few weeks ago Nederburg challenged Come Wine With Us guests to uncork their creativity with their range of Ingenuity wines.

Now I may not be the biggest artist/creative, but I do love wine, so I figured hey… maybe wine-fueled creativity has been more my vibe all along. 😉

Yup, feeling more creative already…

The Blank Canvas at The Rockwell Hotel in Green Point was our home for the evening…

I had not heard of Nederburg’s Ingenuity range before this evening, so was very excited to give them a try.  The range consists our of 3 wines made in a European style:  An eight-way white blend, an Italian blend and a Spanish blend.

To carry on the theme of creativity, Nederburg winemaker, Heinrich Kulsen, took us through the craftsmanship and creativity behind each of these exciting blends before art curator Roche Muller from Bright Creative Art Studio in Woodstock presented unique insights into traditional versus modern Italian and Spanish art as a nod to the Ingenuity Italian & Spanish blends still to come.

These beautiful wines were paired with a very creative tapas menu created by Chef Vanessa Marx in partnership with Chef Yolande from The Rockwell:

I do love a good tapas selection…

Yum yum…  (the Spanish tapas are missing btw because that shot came out a bit blurry) Oh and how sexy is that bottle?

We were also challenged to create our very own wine label with the chance of winning some spot prizes…

Hard at work…

Went for more of a minimalist look… 🙂

Some of the other contenders…

But in the end this lady walked away as the ultimate winner… Her label had a bit of a Picasso vibe, don’t you think?

I was sad that I didn’t win (or even got close to winning), but I did have a lot of fun and think I may even buy my own set of pastels to do some wine-fueled drawing back at home.

So yeah… Nederburg did achieve their goal of uncorking my creativity, and for that I have to thank them. #High5ToThat  I also have to say a big thank you to the team from Come Wine With Us for inviting me to yet another fun evening out in Cape Town.  Love your work guys!


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