Sneaky sippings and general deliciousness over at the Sneaky Sausage

by Karisa

Seems Shortmarket Street is definitely where it’s at these days… I mean with House of Machines, Outrage of Modesty, The Shortmarket Club, the new Cafe Roux (which I’ll be telling you about next week) and then another relatively new, and very awesome little spot called The Sneaky Sausage.

I recently joined them on a Tuesday evening for their Sneaky Sippings wine tasting series – a free series that takes place on Tuesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm & features a different wine estate every week.  For more info on these keep an eye out on their Facebook events page over here.  They haven’t added any for December, but I have it on good authority that they’re doing Usana on the 6th of December & Keermont Vineyards on the 13th.

To join in on one of these you just drop Monique a mail at to let her know you will be coming through.

Getting there is a little interesting, because the location truly is a bit sneaky…

You see what the windows are telling you… well that’s where you want to be…

To get up there you actually have to go inside House of Machines and then hang a right, just before you hit the bar… See that little door? Yup, that’s it – head through and up the stairs.

It’s a very unassuming little spot, but I think that’s exactly why I loved it so much.  They also stock &Union beer, there’s a TV for sporting events, and then big sharing style tables to keep things nice and social.

Let me give you a quick tour:

The #sneakysippings session I attended featured The Fledge & Company which is a wine estate I had never heard of before, so it was really cool to do some “wine exploring” with them.

This is how all Tuesdays should end… 😉

After we stayed around to do a bit of a sausage tasting.  Monique from the Sneaky Sausage was there to recommend a few things from their menu which looks like this:

To start, she said the jalapeno wontons (R35) were an absolute must:

And she was right – those babies are delicious…

Then to try a good selection of sausages she recommended the Sneaky Sausage Selection:

We opted for the 3 sausage option (R50) where you can choose between Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Knackwurst, a cheese griller and chorizo. And then we added a special sausage (for only R10 extra) which is a Frankie Fenner Meat Merchant item which changes regularly.

Then because we still didn’t have enough, we also tried the Currywurst (R40) which is a 100% all natural pork sausage served on a bed of crispy fries and stuffed with their secret sneaky sauce & spices:

This was my absolute favourite… Just looking at this photo again now is making me salivate…

Finally as a little sweet ending to our evening, Monique also recommended the deep fried bar one (R25):

A little strange looking yes, but went down like a treat…

Overall my Sneaky Sausage experience was top notch deliciousness and I’ve been dying to go back.  If sausages are your thing, then I’m sure you’re going to love it as much as I did.

For a fun concept, cool vibe, delicious sausages, crazy-good prices and just an overall “you gotta check it out” ‘ness  – I’m going to give The Sneaky Sausage a score of  kiss4_smudge on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.

The Sneaky Sausage is open:  Tue – Thu from 16:00 to late & Fri/Sat from 12:00 to late.  And then as mentioned above, you’ll find them at 84 Shortmarket Street, on the first floor, just above House of Machines.

For more info, you can also email them on or call them on 021 426 1759.

So come on people, it’s time to get sneaky with it. 🙂


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