Portuguese restaurant, MAReSOL, opens in the V&A Waterfront

by Karisa

If you love Portuguese food (and who doesn’t) you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a new Portuguese restaurant in the V&A Waterfront called MAReSOL.

Housed in the space where the old Hildebrand Restaurant used to be, MAReSOL boasts some incredible harbour views, making it a great option for “taking it all in”.  Here’s a few pics to show you what I mean:

Cape Town you beauty…

I joined them for their launch party  where we enjoyed some bubbles along with a sampling from their menu.  Launches are always a bit of a tough one for me as they’re catering for a big group and therefore you never really get a true reflection of their food offering, so therefore this is not a review, it’s purely a mention…

Some of the items we tried included their Prego roll, calamari, hot wings, rissoles (small croquettes) with salada pequena, their beef trinchado, their chicken curry & their grilled prawns.

Of these I really loved the risolles – crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, absolutely delicious.  I also thought the trinchado was beautifully tender, just would have preferred a spicier sauce.  We actually ran into the chef on the way out and she said they had decided to tone it down for the launch to suit most, but it’s normally nice & spicy, so that was good to hear.  Would definitely try that again.  And then the prawns were nice too.

To finish things off we also got to try their rice pudding, pasteis de nata & a mini chocolate tart.

I really hate rice pudding, so that definitely wasn’t my vibe.  The chocolate tart didn’t really hit the spot either, but their pasteis de natas are pretty good.

You can have a look at their full menu over here to get an idea of pricing & other dishes.   It’s quite extensive, so I’m sure you’ll find a few things there that’ll tempt your tastebuds.

One thing I can rave about however is the peri-peri sauce they gave us as a gift to take home.  It’s so hot I accidentally got some in my eye and I thought I was going to go blind.   I add it to EVERYTHING now & it’s got me all excited about going back to try some of the hotter things on their menu…   I mean if this is their idea of a nice hot sauce, these people know a little something about adding some spice to your life…

The hottest thing since Marilyn Monroe – love it!

For bookings you can contact MAReSOL on:

  • Tel: 021 425 3385
  • Email: reservations@mar-e-sol.co.za

And to pay them a visit, you’ll find them here:
The Old Hildebrand building
V&A Waterfront


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