My amazing hair transformation thanks to Hair By Gilbert

by Karisa

Gilbert Mofubelu has been my amazing hair stylist since 2014 when I first met him over at Spoilt Hair for a hair makeover feature for Cape Town My Love.

I fell in love instantly, not just because he’s an absolute magician when it comes to colour and sexy cuts, but also because he’s simply just one of the loveliest people I now have the pleasure of knowing.

Now when it comes to maintaining my hair, I’m really not the best.  I get so sucked into my day-to-day that by the time I wake-up realising that an update is waaaaaay overdue, I already look like one of those women they used to drag onto the Oprah show for makeovers.

Luckily Gilbert is great at prodding me with “it’s time!!” messages to avoid me looking like a hot mess for too long.  The weekend before last I popped in at his new studio space within Hair on Kloofnek which is super cute:

Of course we have to kick things off with the dreaded “before” photo… So here goes:

Definitely in need of a bit of help here… let this to grow out for way too long!

Gilbert suggested that we have a bit of fun by going a bit lighter and then doing a “balayage” which is a technique for highlighting the hair by painting the hair dye on in a way that creates a graduated, natural-looking effect.  Knowing that I’m in the best hands possible, I was extremely excited to get started…

After applying a base colour, Gilbert started with the balayage… It requires a lot of concentration and a bit of extra time, but the result (as you’ll see) is so worth it.

After a quick treat Joico treatment, shampoo & conditioning, Gilbert cut my hair into fresh new layers before proceeding with a sleek blowdry to see the balayage in full effect.

It’s a new me! Top left you can see the balayage effect as it goes from darker into lighter sections, but still keeping it very natural and not delving into that old-school streaked look (which I hate).  Gilbert knows I love a bit of bounce, so we ended things off with some beautiful curls too… and just like that I was on my way to show off my new do. 🙂

The lighting in the salon wasn’t up to selfie standards, so I gave it another bash once I got to my car:

Boom!  Now you can see more of the copper tones coming through. I seriously should’ve gone lighter years ago… Love it so much…

A few washes in and the blonde pieces have become slightly more prominent – which is something Gilbert noted would happen, and I love it even more.  I normally wear my hair sleek (because I’m absolutely useless at curling my hair) and just this past weekend I realised that the light in my apartment during “golden hour” hits my hair in just the right way to fully maximise the copper & blonde tones:

I freakin’ love that it can look so different in different light…  It’s like mermaid hair! 😉 (Barbie-inspired sunnies from Zara)

So ladies (and gents – Gilbert is a stylist to all), if you’re in need of a refresh, don’t look any further.  Give Gilbert a call ASAP.  He gets my vote for Best Stylist of the Year, every single year & I want to spread the Hair by Gilbert love as much as I can, because I know how great he makes you feel.

For bookings, take note of the following important details:

Address:  Hair on Kloofnek, 16B Kloof Nek Rd, Gardens
Contact number: 021 422 2270 / 69

** Ask for Gilbert (of course)!



Jenny Jan 19, 2018 - 9:42 am

Hey there, may I inquire as to how much this cost you?

Karisa Jan 21, 2018 - 9:35 am

Hi Jenny! It’s best to give Gilbert a call and discuss what you want with him directly as it will vary from person to person. He’s absolutely lovely. You can contact him via Hair on Kloof on 021 422 2270 / 69. Or via email: Tell him you found him here on my blog. 🙂


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