Taco face-off: Cabrón Taco Bar vs El Burro Taqueria

by Karisa

I love tacos.  Like really really love ’em.  Thing is, as simple as they may seem to make, creating the perfect taco is a bit of a fine art (well to me at least).  I recently tried out two Cape Town spots that have made taco making their speciality.  The first is El Burro’s Taqueria on Kloof Nek road.

It’s super cute, as far as decor & overall vibe goes.  It’s not very big & gets quite busy.  They don’t do bookings, so you’ve gotta just chance it, or maybe go a little earlier to secure a table.  But a really nice relaxed spot where you can enjoy tacos (of course) along with a few other snacky things.

I kicked things off with a margarita – because well, what goes better with tacos that margaritas??  Maybe an ice cold beer, which FYI they also offer both in bottles or on tap.

On the food side we tried their guacamole with nacho chips (R45) & their ceviche (R50).  Both really tasty…

And then from their taco selection, we opted to try the Chilorio Pork with chili & garlic (R35), the fish fried (R35) & the chorizo (R38).

the chorizo

the pork

the fish

The pork was definitely my favourite out of the 3, but overall everything had very good flavours.  I’m going to give their tacos a score of on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.

The 2nd spot was a newish place called Cabrón Taco Bar in Bree St (where the Easy Tiger burger bar used to be).  As with the Taqueria, Cabrón is also quite small, but very cute with really cool, quite eclectic decor.

The menu is very small – I mean look at the photo above, that’s pretty much it.  We tried the nachos (R50) as a little snack:

Didn’t love the cheese-like sauce, but the guacamole was great

Then of course margaritas were in order (have to say – these were tastier than the one’s at the Taqueria)… We also tried their beef taco (R45), pork taco (R45) and their tuna taco (R50)…

Interestingly, they do hard taco shells (whereas the Taqueria does the soft style).  It’s a little bit messier to eat, but I actually quite liked the crunch.   Out of the 3, the pork was the standout for me.  The beef was also good, but I can’t say that I enjoyed the tuna taco.  Think the pieces were too big, and the seared style just didn’t really work for me.  Overall though I’m going to give their tacos a score of  on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.  Also worth a mention is their Taco Tuesday special where if you buy 2 tacos you get 1 free…

So ja, both cool choices if you’re looking for a taco fix, BUT my best taco experience still has to be the fish taco at Motherland Brewers.  Definitely need to go back to try that again.

El Burro’s Taqueria is open Monday to Friday from 12noon to 11.30pm & Saturdays from 10am to 11.30pm (closed on Sundays). Cabrón is open Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 8pm, Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 10pm (also closed on Sundays).

Go and get ’em! 😉


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