Get your creamy gelato fix at Moro Gelato in Long St

by Karisa

My favourite memories of my time in Italy back in 2011 mostly relate to me walking down beautiful streets while enjoying the creamiest, most delicious gelato.  I actually don’t think a day went by without me trying a new flavour… It was there in the streets of Rome, Venice & Florence that I realised I could never ever again enjoy just plain ol’ ice cream.  Gelato was my new obsession.  But what makes it so different?  Well first off, gelato is way creamier, smoother and silkier than ice cream.  Gelato also has a lower fat content and is denser, allowing for more jam-packed flavour.  So yeah, if you have a choice, always opt for gelato above all.

Back in December I stumbled upon the cutest little gelato shop in Long St called Moro Gelato.  As far as a genuine vintage Italiano feel goes, Moro has this covered:

They make their gelato fresh every week, rotating flavours… think classics like pistachio, hazelnut, dark chocolate & mint choc chip to the more unusual like salty caramel popcorn, “toast & jam”, milk tart, tiramisu & even a Hertzoggie cookie flavour.

Check out their full list of flavours over here.  They also do a selection of sorbets for those who like the fruitier side of things.

Aaah and just look at that beautiful presentation! They of course do cones too, but the cups are just way too cute… A small cup with up to 2 flavours will cost you R35, a medium cup with up to 3 flavours is R45 and a large cup with up to 4 flavours is R65. They also do a kiddies cup with 1 flavour for R25.

Then they also do milkshakes, take away ice cream boxes (1kg & 1/2kg) and something called a Liquid chocolate mini cone shot for R10.  Not sure what that’s about (should’ve asked), but it sounds pretty awesome.

You’ll find Moro Gelato at 165 Long Street and they are open:

  • Sunday to Wednesday
  • Thursday to Saturday

Next time you do the whole “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” thing – rather pop in here. 😉


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