Ladies, up your lash game with a lash lift & tint from Eye Love

by Karisa

Last week I met the lovely Aviva Lange who runs her own eyebrow & eyelash business called Eye Love.  Aviva specialises in lash lifts, classic lash extensions and 6D microblading which she does from both her beautiful apartment in Three Anchor Bay and a cute little hair salon in Church St.

Say hello Aviva! 🙂

Aviva sharing her Eye Love skills from her apartment in Three Anchor Bay…

Having already tried lash extensions and realising that it’s not really for me, Aviva recommended a lash lift & tint, because in her words: “It’s perfect for busy ladies on the go!”

I actually tried a lash lift a couple of years ago for the first time and really loved the results.  It enhances your natural lashes by curling & lifting them and requires zero maintenance, which I freakin’ love.  So yeah, it was an easy sell.  Plus the whole procedure is done in 3 easy steps and only takes about an hour and then you have lashes that pop for 6 – 8 weeks. #HighFiveToThat

This is what I was working with pre-lift:

Step 1:
Applying the perming lotion

Step 2: Applying the setting lotion

Step 3:  Applying the tint – always opt for the tint, it just gives your lashes that extra oomph.  We went for a nice jet black tint.

And voila!

Instantly your lashes look longer and fuller without having to add anything…

Here’s a side by side look at the before & after:

Awesome, right?

Having now done a lash lift for the 2nd time and being blown away again by how great it is,  I’ve decided that I’m actually just going to keep doing them.  It’s definitely a more affordable option than extensions, and if like me you really hate the maintenance extensions require, a lash lift really is the perfect option.

Here’s a look at Aviva’s price list:

For before & afters and pics of her microblading & lash extension work, hop on over to eyelove_ct on Instagram.

Keen to try a lash lift for yourself? (and I really think you should)  Contact Aviva on or 082 734 8049.  Because she’s busy with clients during the day, it’s actually best to just pop her an SMS or WhatsApp message and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can.  She’s awesome though, I just know you’ll love her as much as I now do.


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