Print your favourite Instagram memories with Boft SA

by Karisa

If, like me, you love Instagam and have quite a few awesome photos on there that would be really cool to print out, you’re going to be excited to hear about the all new Boft Instant Photo Printing Kiosks that have just launched in SA.

Here in Cape Town they’ve already opened two kiosks, both in the V&A Waterfront:

  • The 1st:  Located outside Woolworths on the ground floor
  • The 2nd:  Located next to the lifts on the 1st floor near Guess

(Joburg will be getting their first kiosks in January – located within the Sandton & Eastgate shopping malls)

These kiosks allow you to do polaroid-style printouts of any photo either stored on your phone or on your Instagram account by following a few quick & easy steps.

The Boft team recently selected 10 of their favourite photos from my Instagram feed & sent it to me as part of a little gift package to show me what the end result looks like:

Very cool, right? When selecting photos from your Instagram feed, you can opt to print the photo only, or to include the caption as well.

Boft may be new to SA, but they’ve been helping people keep their memories alive in all corners of the world, from New Zealand and Australia, to the USA, to Switzerland and Jakarta – a whopping 30 countries in total where these Boft kiosks are found in the most popular tourist destinations.

The process is simple:

  • Connect your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Select the photos you want to print
  • Make some adjustments (like selecting to include your Instagram caption or not)
  • And then print!

A quick look at one of the Boft kiosks in the V&A…

Pricing starts at R40 for a single print or R70 for four.  But for December they’re running a festive season special:  Use the promo code ”HOLIDAY” and receive R20 off your total purchase of 4 or more prints. (e.g. 4 photos for R50 instead of the regular price of R70)

So yeah, head on over to the V&A to go and try it out for yourself.  I really love this idea & will be heading over there myself to get a few more Instagram memories printed.


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