East City Exploring part 4: Trying out the Sneaker Laundry at Court Order

by Karisa

If you missed parts one, two & three of my East City Exploring series, you can check them out here:  Part 1 – Belly of the Beast, Part 2 – Swan Cafe & Part 3 – The Electric.

Happy New Year everybody!  This is my first post of 2019… apologies for being a bit quiet, but I always find these first few weeks of January a bit painful while trying to get back into the swing of things & facing up to the harsh reality of having to go back to your 9 to 5.

BUT, at least I got to do a bit more East City Exploring & managed to try out the “Sneaker Laundry” at a new sneaker spot in my hood called Court Order.

Located at 39 Roeland Street, Court Order is a sneaker and streetwear consignment store that buys & sells sneakers and other gear you very likely may not be able to find anywhere else.   So if, for example, you’ve been looking for a unique pair of sneakers from a couple of seasons ago, this would be a good place to start…

I wasn’t there to buy or sell sneakers though.  I was there to give some of my much-loved pairs a new lease on life by checking them into the Sneaker Laundry:

I dropped off 3 pairs, so that worked out to only R200.  This is their before:

They can do most types of sneakers… I dropped off some running shoes, a pair of canvas sneakers & a leather-look pair of Adidas.

After 48 hrs I went back to collect them and just look how beautiful they turned out:

I’m super happy with the result & will definitely be making use of the Court Order Sneaker Laundry service again.  No more scrubbing & soaking at home only to end up with sneakers that only kinda, somewhat, maybe-at-this-angle look cleaner.  This is the easiest & most convenient way to get your favourite pairs of kicks (do people still use that term?) looking good as new again.

Keen to try it out?  Here’s how to get in touch:

  • Address:  39 Roeland Street, Gardens
  • Phone:  021 461 0710
  • Email:  info@courtorder.co.za


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