Say a big “oh hey there” to Spider Pig Wines

by Karisa

If you’re a The Simpsons fan (and come on, who isn’t??  The show’s only in their 30th season!), you should remember Homer’s Spider Pig:

Probably one of my favourite Simpsons scenes of all time…

The song is something that’ll remain stuck in your head for days… and that’s exactly why I’m going to share the lyrics with you now (**insert evil laugh here**):

Spider Pig,
Spider Pig,
Does whatever a spider pig does,
Can he swing from a web?
No he can’t,
He’s a pig,
He is the spider pig!!

Right, now with that bit of awesomeness stuck in your brain… have you heard of Spider Pig Wines??  I first came across them last year when I spotted their Grenache Noir on the menu at Chefs Warehouse & Canteen in Bree St… Granted, the winery’s name is what sucked me in at first, but the wine itself was beautiful, leaving me wanting more…

Then a couple of weeks later I spotted that same Grenache Noir at my favourite liquor store, Roeland Liquors:

If I recall correctly, I got this bottle for R200…

After boasting about my find on Instagram, the guys from Spider Pig Wines got in touch, asking whether I’d like to try some of their other wines… Um, is the Pope Catholic??  Of course I would!

So with that they sent me their Pinot Noir, their Bro-Zay Rosé & their Chenin Blanc…

I mean seriously, how cute are these wine labels…

Of the 3, the Pinot Noir was definitely my favourite.  In fact, I think it’s become my favourite Pinot Noir of all the Pinot Noir’s I’ve tried to date.

Both the Rosé & Chenin were lovely easy-drinking, summer wines, with the rose the standout of the two purely because I’m going through a major Rose phase right now.

But who are the guys behind this cool wine label?   Spider Pig wines is a collaboration between two industry guys, David Nel and David Wibberley, along with a variety of winemakers.  The two Davids get winemakers to make these lovely wines in small volumes, keeping them quite exclusive & most importantly fun.

Where can you buy?  You can find Spider Pig Wines at the following liquor stores:

  • Roeland Liquors
  • Liquor City Claremont
  • Woodstock Liquors

The following restaurants:

  • Codfather
  • Wild Fig
  • Chefs Warehouse @ Maison
  • Chefs Warehouse on Bree St
  • The Shop
  • Four & Twenty
  • Patina Steak & Fine Wine

And online at:

As an idea of pricing, Publik is selling the Grenache, Pinot Noir & Chenin for R210 and the Rose for R95.  I also thought the wine descriptions found on Publik for each wine was worth a share:

  • The Pinot Noir is smoky & juicy with hints of dustiness. Soft, well balanced tannins with a smooth, gentle finish.
  • The Grenache is crunchy & light with a juicy mid palate and abundance of light red fruits. Totally smashable.
  • The Chenin is a pale straw colour in the glass with aromas of stone fruit, citrus and lemon zest.
  • The Rosé is crisp, light & fruity. Turkish delight, candy floss and strawberry flavours with a dry fresh finish.

If you’ve been looking for a fun new wine to try – this is it.  It also makes for a great gift, and I’m sure just the name itself will spark some good dinner conversations.

So go ooooooooooot & try the Spider Pig! 😉


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