Looking for a fun dinner theatre experience? Check out Immaculate Deception currently showing at Gate69

by Karisa

This past Friday evening my friend Kim & I enjoyed yet another fun night out at Gate69.  We previously visited them for “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and “The Three Little Pigs” and loved both shows, so we knew we’d be in for another memorable experience.

The current show is called “Immaculate Deception” which was created by & features UK-born female impersonator, Ceri Dupree.

During the show Ceri changes into various glamorous outfits while taking on the personas of a series of famous ladies who you’ll all definitely recognise.  From pop royalty and Hollywood royalty, to actual royalty, and some other ladies in between. There’s comedy, there’s music, there’s all out fabulousness, & even some Las Vegas glitz.  Some may think it’s a bit over the top at times, but in Ceri’s words:  “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing!” #LoveThat

The only word of warning is that the comedy is of an adult nature, so please leave the young ones at home.  We were sitting behind a mom & dad and their teenage daughter and I could see that it was super awkward for them.  Like imagine watching a movie like “Basic Instinct” (really giving away my age here) with your parents… eeeek…

Kim & I, on the other hand had a really good laugh.  I will admit that I enjoyed the 2nd half of the show more than the first, mainly because the 2nd half of the show features some of my favourite pop icons, as well as a famous TV personality I used to watch religiously.  During the 2nd half Ceri also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how he transitions from persona to persona, which was super interesting to see.  Then the perfect ending:  Ceri as himself, closing the show in style.

Immaculate Deception is still running until 16 March 2016 (Wednesdays to Saturdays).  Just take note of the following important details:

  • Where?  87 Bree Street (c/o Bree and 79 Hout street)
  • What time?  Suggested arrival time on their lovely red carpet is 18h30 for a drink in the bar, dinner is at 19h00 and the show starts at 20h15.
  • Dress code?  This is your time to shine, so be sure to dress to impress.  Gentlemen no sandals or shorts, or your hostess, Cathy Specific, will swallow you whole – and spit nothing out. 😉
  • Tickets?  Ticket prices range based on where you sit – First Class (R599), Business Class (R560) & Economy Class (R520).  Your ticket includes the show as well a mezze selection served on a “Lazy Susan” with a separate hot soup and bread service as well as a delicious purple Patron soft serve ice-cream for dessert…

Your gorgeous hostess with the mostest… Cathy Specific…

Inside the “Purple Palace”…

Your mezze selection which is served on a “lazy Susan”… love it!

If you’re worried about leaving hungry, don’t… there’s more than enough to snack on. As mentioned above, they also bring around some soup & bread as well as a Patron ice cream cone for dessert.

Get your tickets over here OR, if web bookings aren’t your thing, you can also call their box office on 021 035 1627.

Got any other questions?  Then email:

  • General enquiries: info@gate69.co.za
  • Corporate bookings: luanna@gate69.co.za

So come on guys & girls, I dare you to try something a little different…  It will definitely be spicier (and far more entertaining) than a big night in with Netflix.  It’s time to tear yourself away from that couch (I know, I know… it’s hard).  But it’ll be worth it.


** I was invited to enjoy the show by the Gate69 PR team.  The cost of the tickets (incl. the tapas) was on them.  Drinks were on us. **

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