The Melting Pot pop-up – a definite must

by Karisa

There’s a hot pop-up restaurant in town and you need to get your butts over there before they close on the 15th of May…

The Melting Pot pop-up – Located at 83 Loop Street & co-owned by three chefs – John Van Zyl (formerly from Chefs Warehouse & Thali), Stefan Roos (formerly from Terroir & Thali) and Sage Fell.

It’s small, like only 10 seats small. They also don’t do reservations, so it’s walk-ins only. This does mean that if you go at a peak time like we did (7pm on a Friday), you will likely have to wait a bit. But if so, order a drink and find some standing space. Alternatively, ask them whether you can leave your number for them to call you as soon as a spot opens up, then you can go have a drink somewhere nearby.

We opted to just have a drink there while we waited.

After posting this pic on Instagram – I had a few ladies messaging me going “damn that chef is hot”… Yeah, I guess John’s what one would call “easy on the eyes” 😉

The menu, just like the venue really, is small, but still jam-packed with some very delicious things. You’ll be tempted to just order everything. We ended up ordering 5 of the savoury dishes and then shared them between the two of us.

5 dishes (4 at R75 each, and one at R65) worked out to R365 or R182.50 pp. I thought that was pretty good & it was definitely enough food for us. If you’re a bit hungrier, you can add the remaining 2 savoury dishes as well and you’ll only end up paying like R250 pp.

These were the 5 dishes we went for:

Fried Chicken Bao
Thai Steamed Fish
Persian Lamb Flatbread
Sri Lankan Dahl
Pork Ramen

And hot damn, everything was crazy delicious. Definitely worth the 45min wait for a seat, that’s for sure.

We left there very very happy & that’s why I’m going to give the Melting Pot pop-up the following top score on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale:

The Melting Pot is open Mon – Sat 12:00 to 15:00 and then again from 18:00 to 21:00. But you better hurry, because like I mentioned above, they are closing on 15 May.

Their plans from there are to do a bit of travelling and then to hopefully come back toward the end of the year & find a more permanent spot (which I’m really hoping they do! ).


** This was not a sponsored meal. We paid with our own cash monies. **

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