I talk hot hair trends with Cape Town hair stylist Gilbert Mofubelu

by Karisa

Gilbert Mofubelu has been doing my hair for well over 4 1/2 yrs now. He took me from bland chicka who hadn’t changed her look up in way too long to a badass colour monster who easily transitions from brunette, to blonde, to red, to dark, and all the way back again…

A quick look at my last two colour changes… Dec 2018 vs Apr 2019
A flashback to our first meeting, back in Dec 2014… Gilbert, look at us! Such fresh-faced little babies… 🙂
Fast-forward almost 5 yrs later – Gilbert ageing like a fine wine & me still desperately trying to make those foils look good…

I recently sat down with this magician of colour & styling to find out what’s trending in world of hair right now.

Although Gilbert will first & foremost always recommend a style & colour that perfectly accentuates his client’s features, he is loving the following 5 hot hair trends of the moment:

Hot Hair Trend # 1: Colour Melting

Over the years we’ve seen colour trends like ombre & balayage dominate the hair scene. Colour melting is simply the natural next step. The technique involves blending in your highlights with your base colour in a way that makes it hard for anyone to tell where the one colour starts and the other colour ends. It’s a delicate process that requires a steady hand & lots of patience, but the results are really gorgeous.

Hot Hair Trend # 2: The Blunt Cut

Whether you go for a short, medium-length or long hair style, the blunt cut instantly gives you a sexy edge. It’s sleek & modern and requires some precision cutting & styling, but the silhouette suits most face shapes.

Hot Hair Trend # 3: Rose gold / coral hues

This colour trend will have to channeling your inner unicorn. Not quite as harsh as the bright pink hair colour trend of a couple of years back, but still striking enough to get heads turning. It will require a lot of maintenance though, so you will need to keep that in mind. But overall this is a really pretty look that works well on blonde & brunette hair alike.

Hot Hair Trend # 4: Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are different to regular braids in that they are oversized & braided very close to the scalp. The designs vary, allowing you to customise it any way you want. Add a few subtle hair accessories, a Mohawk braid, a low braided bun or even a headband braid and your look it complete. Goddess Braids can be done on both natural hair & extensions which makes it a very versatile style.

Hot Hair Trend # 5: The return of the hair clip

Say what? The 90s are back?? Yes, the humble hair clip is a shining star once again, but this time round they’re bigger & blingier. This is such an easy way to add a touch of interest to your hair on days when you need something easy & fun to jazz up your look. Hair slightly dirty? Clip it back. Hair misbehaving? Clip it back. Roots showing? Clip it back!

So there you go ladies. A little bit of hair inspiration to brighten up your day. Like they say: A new hairstyle is as good as a holiday. So why not spoil yourself.

If you want to make an appointment with Gilbert (and I highly recommend that you do), you can contact him on:

Also be sure to follow him on Instagram (@gilbert_mofubelu) for more amazing hair inspo.


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