Working my way through Fire & Ice’s new menu items

by Karisa

So last week the lovely folks at the Fire & Ice Hotel (New Church Street, Tamboerskloof) invited me over for an afternoon of menu tasting… (I know, I know, tough life)

If you haven’t yet paid the Fire & Ice a visit, you really should cause it’s a pretty awesome space.  They’re known for their killer milkshakes & burgers as well as all their crazy decor details, like their Table Mountain Cable car & shark cage themed lifts, or their smoking room featuring coffins and headstones.  It’s definitely slightly crazy and totally fun from the moment you walk in the door.

We kicked things off with some Moët bubbly on the deck while watching the pretty koi fish swim by.  You know, just like any other ol’ afternoon.

Our home for the afternoon was the hotel’s restaurant:

We were totally spoilt with a little gift box each… I was like, listen people, you had me at menu tasting, this is already pure awesome…

Now as I mentioned above, Fire & Ice has always been known for their amazing selection of milkshakes & gourmet burgers, and they’ve certainly kept those for you to enjoy (plus added a new create your own burger option).  BUT we were there to sample some of the new dishes that they’ve recently added to their menu.

I came well prepared rocking a loose fitting dress and an empty stomach (I would have gone for stretchy pants of course, but figured I should at least try to look presentable).  I was ready to give this menu all I had…

Now how exactly does one do an entire menu tasting without getting yourself into a food-indused coma?  Well you tackle it in manageable portions of course:

That’s how it’s done…  This was the first course.  Starters consisting of (from left to right) – the “Duck and Dive”, “Crusty Crab”, “Mushroom Cloud” & “Habanero Hooker”.  Then just a little soup palate cleanser to finish.

Don’t you love the names of the dishes?  My favourite out of those dishes was definitely the Crusty Crab – roasted sesame seed crab stick salad with deep fried calamari and sour pink onion dressing. #delish

Executive Chef Jason Scott was on hand to explain all the dishes to us as we progressed:

Awesome guy…

And when I say “progressed”, I really mean it… Things just kept coming:  Salads, burger sliders, sorbet palate cleansers, a selection of mains and last, but certainly not least, a selection of ALL the new desserts:

Yup, that’s a lot of eating…

Burger sliders are always winners in my book.  There’s just something about a mini burger that makes it so much tastier.  Plus with their sliders, you can sample all the different offerings in one go.  They have 3 types of sliders:  a boerewors burger with tomato smoor and mustard onion rings, a crumbed chicken burger topped with ranch sauce, and a lamb burger with berry and brie cheese.

Then from the mains, I really loved the tenderness of the the “What’s your beef bro?” beef fillet with sweet Indonesian glaze and pumpkin fritter cakes, and I was totally surprised by this one because I’m not a lamb eater, but wanted to completely inhale the “La La Lamb” which is a French trimmed lamb cutlet with a parmesan crust and mint yoghurt.  So so good.  Other mains included a mustard seed pork fillet dish called the “Just pig out!” and a fruity baked brown lentil bobotie called “Bo Kaap” for the veggies out there.

Last, but definitely my favourite part of any meal, we have to talk about their desserts. Their “Organ Failure” warm chocolate fondant definitely had my heart pounding…  it was pure heaven on a plate.  Also loved the deep fried ice cream coconut pancakes which is served with their “American Pie” apple tart and if you like a little bit of a kick to your dessert, you’ll like “The Godfather” – infused Lindt, brandy and coffee marscapone set in layers of tennis biscuit & cocoa.

Now if I haven’t already done a good enough job of tempting you into paying them a visit, here are some sexy pro shots* of some of the new dishes which you can go in and sample for yourself:

“Crusty Crab”

“Out for a duck”

“What’s your beef bro?”

And then the coconut ice cream pancake & American Pie

* Photographs were supplied

Now I’m sure you’re wondering… but what was in that gift box?  I present to you one of the coolest goodie bags I’ve received in ages:

Loved that I could use absolutely everything and that they were awesome enough to include a recipe and spices for me to try my hand at a butter chicken.  Yes, it’s true that I’m a useless cook though, but I am planning on suckering a friend to come over and do it for me… (don’t tell anyone)

But ja,  all ‘n all a very successful afternoon and I have to say a big thanks to the Fire & Ice team for looking after us so so well.  I’ve been dreaming about some of those dishes since…  Mmmmmm.

For reservations, you can contact the hotel on:



Gugu_A1 Apr 22, 2014 - 4:53 pm

Oh this looks like heaven, love Fire & Ice.

Karisa Apr 22, 2014 - 4:57 pm

Have also always loved the hotel. It’s fun & quirky. My kind of vibe.


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