Health nuts, have you checked out Nü Food?

by Karisa

I’ve been hearing a lot of praise for a new healthy food spot over in Sea Point called Nü Food…  Also a lot of my Instagram feed has been taken over with photos of their smoothies, flapjacks, breakfasts and wraps…  So last week I figured it was time for me to go and give them a try for myself.

Nü is situated on the ground level of the Piazza St John centre on Main Road, Sea Point and it’s quite a fresh, modern & welcoming space:

I really loved the look and general feel of the place…  very cool spot.

Now the menu is everything a health fanatic could ever ask for.  Think local produce, freshest ingredients, additive/colourant/hormone/MSG free, free range, fair trade & sustainable, artisan products, vegan, vegetarian, wheat/dairy/gluten/sugar free and low GI.

You’ll find all of these options on the menu in the form of breakfasts, salads, wraps, sandwiches, fresh juices & smoothies, all aligned to their philosophy of less cooking time where possible and more raw, natural goodness.

So right, with all that in mind, I ordered their “The Healer” smoothie (R28 for small) and my friend D ordered the “Red Renew” smoothie (R34 for small):

The Healer on the left: apple juice, lemon, ginger, chilli & low fat plain frozen yoghurt; Red Renew on the right: RED Espresso, banana, chia seeds, honey & low fat plain frozen yoghurt. The two sizes are 350ml or 500ml. We both went for the 350ml.

And that was followed by a “Hearti” wrap (R49) for both of us:

The Hearti wrap contains greens, roasted butternut, ricotta, red onion relish, basil, cucumber, mung bean sprouts, toasted sesame seeds & a lemon and olive oil dressing. All their wraps are veggie standard, but you can also add the following proteins: free range eggs, tuna chunks, free range chicken breast or smoked Norwegian salmon.

The smoothies I have to say were some of the best I’ve had in Cape Town, and my wrap, while tasty yes, was maybe just a little too healthy for my meat/salt/sugar/fatty loving ways, so I personally found it to be a bit bland.  Next time I’ll definitely try add some chicken to spice it up and I also really want to go back to try their protein flapjacks (whey blueberry flapjack with banana, walnuts, honey) and banana bread (banana-coconut bread served with peanut butter, banana, honey, cinnamon).  Those last two sound good no?

I’m going to give Nü an all round score of kiss3_smudge on the Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.  It’s a lovely spot where you can indulge guilt free, health nuts will love it to bits, and I also think it makes for a great post-workout smoothie stop.

Wanna pay them a visit yourself?  You’ll find them here:

  • Shop 3, Piazza St John, 395 Main Road, Sea Point

And you can contact them on:

  • 021 439 7269

Have any of you guys been?  Any suggestions on what I just have to try the next time I go?



Alida Apr 23, 2014 - 10:48 am

Big show , no delivery. Smoothies are great but skip the pancakes. Super dry made with minimal effort.

Karisa Apr 23, 2014 - 10:59 am

Hmm, interesting. I’ve seen people rave about the pancakes on Twitter & Instagram, hence my intrigue. Think I’ll still give them a bash, but thanks so much for the feedback.


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