Mediterranean Delicacies & rooftop movie fun

by Karisa

Welcome to the Airstream Rooftop Trailer park…

Last week Tuesday, I not only got to (over)indulge in some of my favourite things – dips, bread, cheese & wine (oh yeah) – but I also finally got to check out the Pink Flamingo Cinema on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel, all thanks to the guys from Mediterranean Delicacies.  *insert happy dance here*

The Medi Deli team wanted to show us how their yummy dips, salads, olives and range authentic Mediterranean-style food products make the perfect companion for any social get-together.  And paired with freshly baked Knead breads and Nitida Wines, they created a tapas style spread that had me needing extra breathing room in my skinny jeans… 😉

The movie for the night was the beautiful film Chocolat – the movie about a woman and her daughter who open a chocolate shop in a small French village.  Seems innocent enough right?  But no, these two ladies end up totally turning the community upside down with their offbeat ways and many a fun moment ensues. Oh and let’s not forget the major highlight of the film – Johnny Depp in all his youthful, long-haired, sultry-faced glory.  Aaaah… him in this film, pure magic I tell you…

OK, but before I totally digress into my fantasies about him being the father of my children, let me show you around.  This is the Grand Daddy rooftop which houses the Pink Flamingo Cinema as well as the Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park (yup, you can actually stay in these):


I know you probably wanna see what those trailers look like inside, so I quickly popped my head into one that was open (each one is decorated completely differently with its own theme).  This one is called “Pleasantville” (you can also get a peek at the rest over here):

Now back to the main event, that lovely spread the Medi deli team put together:

Pure happiness right there folks…

And the lovely Nitida wines we enjoyed…

After eating until we couldn’t fit anything in anymore, we settled in for the movie, totally snug as a bug as you can see here with my hot date for the evening, bestie & neighbour Kim:

You’ll be happy to know that they also have heaters and blankets to keep you nice and warm and they serve hot chocolate during the movie as well (the best!)…

We each left with a goodie bag filled with Medi Deli surprises.  Kim made the mistake of leaving hers at my house which meant my fridge for the first time ever in it’s existence was fully stocked:


I actually then took most of it along to a friends weekend away this past weekend and it all went down like a total treat. I was really surprised by the Grilled Artichokes and the Asparagus Dip to be honest.  I’m not a big green veggie person, so in my head I was going “blegh”, but once I started digging in I couldn’t stop.  Will definitely buy those again, along with the classics like their hummus, tsatsiki, olive tapenades & pestos.

To get your hands on these babies yourself, just pop into a grocery store near you.  Also keep an eye out on their Facebook page (  for info on upcoming events & competitions that will be happening throughout winter.

They’re also encouraging people to upload their foodie pics to the Medi Deli Instagram account @FoodPornZA.

For the Pink Flamingo Cinema at the Grand Daddy – just note that they are closed for the winter as they’re doing some refurbishment to the trailers, etc.  But you can keep an eye on their website as things should start kicking off again around September.  Ticket prices are usually R90 and that includes the movie & snacks.

Happy eating this winter everyone… it’s definitely my favourite food season…  And a big thanks to Medi Deli, Nitita Wines, the Grand Daddy Hotel and Red Carpet Concepts (who coordinated the event) for an awesome evening out.


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