A look at Fire & Ice’s sexy little revamp

by Karisa

Now the Fire & Ice Hotel (part of the Protea Hotels group of course) has very much become a Cape Town staple.  Everyone knows about their legendary milkshakes and their fun cable car & shark cage lifts, but recently they decided to undergo a bit of a makeover…

You’ll be happy to know that the milkshake menu & those lifts remain untouched, but their ground floor which also houses their bar & restaurant now has a very sexy new feel.  They’ve gone for a fresh, modern & sophisticated look, with a light wood, grey & soft green palate; all colours & textures I gravitate to normally, so for me they couldn’t have chosen better.

I had the pleasure of staying there last Friday evening to check it out and I took my friend Leigh along as my partner in crime.  We got to enjoy a lovely dinner in their revamped restaurant and of course some milkshakes at the milkshake bar, but before we get down to that, let me give you a tour.

This is the new entrance hall & lounge area:

This is the new bar (where both drinks & milkshakes can be enjoyed):

And this is the new restaurant:

Gorgeous right?  That restaurant looked even better at night, all lit up:

Now their menu hasn’t changed since their last menu update in April which I told you guys about over here (actually it’s fun to go back and read this post again because you can do a compare of what the restaurant used to look like).  But items I can highly recommend are:

If you’re not in the mood for wine, do try one of their cocktails. I can’t remember which one this was, but it was very good. For starters, you have to try their Crusty Crab salad – it’s freakin’ delicious. And for mains, you can never go wrong with one of their burgers (it’s kinda their thing) and their La La Lamb French trimmed lamb cutlets are also really good.

We decided to skip dessert in favour of some milkshakes:

On the left the Choc Rock Climber with Ferrero Rocher and on the right the Turkish Delight. The Chock Rock Climber is a total winner, but the Turkish Delight felt a bit too safe. I think we definitely chickened out on that choice because we were eying out the Pumpkin Marshmallow as well as the tempting list of “Grown up” milkshakes…  When we put it out to Twitter for recommendations, it seemed that every person in Cape Town has their own personal favourite, so I’d say go with your gut when ordering & don’t over think it like we did.  If it sounds crazy & weird, you’ve probably picked a goodie.

Do check out their full restaurant menu, including all their milkshake options, over here.  And then make a plan to pay them a visit to check out their fresh new look for yourselves.  You obviously don’t have to book to chill at the bar or in the lounge, but if you’d like to have something to eat, contact the hotel to make a reservation on: +27 (0) 21 488 2555

A big thank you to Fire & Ice for hosting us for the evening and for giving us a little look-see at what they’ve been working on during the cold, winter months.  With this revamp, I predict a very busy summer season ahead.



Gugu_A1 Oct 15, 2014 - 11:52 am

LAWD!!! *thats all*

Karisa Oct 15, 2014 - 11:55 am

Haha, your comments always make me smile 🙂


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