I try out the new Lash Lift treatment from The Urban Beauty Lounge (plus a reader special)

by Karisa

The Urban Beauty Lounge (formerly Urban Lash and Tan) in Wembley Square recently invited me to come in and try their new Lash Lift treatment.  But what exactly is a lash lift?  Well it’s basically a really great alternative for those who want a bit more oomph, but don’t want or can’t have lash extensions done.

It involves slight lifting & curling of the lashes to give your eye a more open, dramatic look and then if you want a bit more drama you can also combine it with a lash tint.  As a girl who wasn’t born with beautiful, long lashes and therefore heavily relies on mascara, I was very interested to give this a bash.  Also I did love the no maintenance angle of this compared to extensions which do require a bit of work, and I loved that they’d be working with my own lashes to ensure that it looks as natural a possible.

For those who have heard of a “lash perm” before – this is not the same.  It’s an improved technique which gives a far more natural result.  Read more over here.

Now the process only takes about 45min (and is completely painless) and then the results last for about 6 weeks.  There’s no maintenance after that at all, you just need to steer clear of sauna’s and steam rooms for the first 24 hrs. (And if possible, but not completely necessary, also try not to wear makeup for the first few hours)

Right, wanna see my results?  Get ready for some super scary close-ups of my eye…

Side view: On the left the before & on the right the after

Front view: On the left the before & on the right the after

So basically you’ll see that it really just gives you a very natural looking boost, making your lashes look longer, kinda like you’ve already got a coat of lengthening mascara on.  I also opted for the lash tint, because well it certainly doesn’t do any harm and adds a bit more edge (I already have dark lashes though, so those with lighter lashes will see an even bigger difference I’m sure).

And then this is what it looks like when all dolled up (this time with a less scary close-up):

Bambi aint got nothing on me….

For more information about the lash lift process, you can hop on over to their Lash Lift FAQ over here.

AND THEN LISTEN UP:   The regular price is R400 (plus R50 for the optional lash tint) BUT if you book your lash lift along with a friend and say that you read all about it here on Cape Town My Love when you make your booking, you can get 2 for the price of one.  Yes, that’s right, you and your friend will only pay 50% each.  So instead of the R400 per person, you’ll get it for only R200 per person and then if you also want the lash tint, that’s an extra R50 per person.

Sound good?  Then call them on 076 386 4793.

** PLEASE NOTE that this special reader offer was for 2014 only and is therefore no longer valid**

You’ll find The Urban Beauty Lounge at Shop 3 in Wembley Square, Solan St, Gardens, and they are open Tue – Fri from 9am to 5:30pm as well as Sat from 9am to 5pm.

Happy flirty lashes ladies!


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