I try out some tasty treats at the Kirstenbosch Craft and Food Market

by Karisa

This past weekend I was invited to join some fellow foodies to enjoy a “Taste of Kirstenbosch” spread at the Kirstenbosch Craft & Food Market.

Never being one to say no to food, I jumped at the chance to sample the various tasty treats on offer at this leafy Sunday market.

For those who have not yet visited this market, it takes place on the last Sunday of every month from 9am to 3pm on Rhodes Drive just before the Kirstenbosch Gardens.

I’t s a lovely, relaxed market with the most beautiful backdrop, and features both arts and crafts as well as various food & drink options.

I’m not really an arts & crafts person myself, but market food has always been a big love…  There’s just something about casual dining that makes it more fun.

On the menu for the day was a selection of eats which showcased the different cuisines and flavours available at the market, and to wash it all down, we were treated to a selection of wines and a sampling of Harfield’s Beer offering.

For the vegans, we kicked things off with some vegan friendly treats from Jacqui’s Felafel:

The Mighty Schwarma showed us how to stuff the perfect pita & also gave us a taste of their delicious home-made hummus.

The team from Hungry bear had me drooling with their mini buns with slaw and slow cooked beer marinated smoked pulled beef.  Ooh also, they make a seriously tasty BBQ sauce – one of the best I’ve tasted in a while.

The Mexican Nacho gave us a demo of how they create their flame grilled nachos before allowing us to dig in to our heart’s content (I do love a good plate of cheesy nachos).  And then we tried a selection of snacks from the team at Masala Cafe.

Pizza is of course always a win & the offering from Maggino Bro’s Artisan Pizza got a double thumbs up.  And then to end things off on a sweet note, we had traditional Belgium style waffles with cream, icing sugar and a drizzle of chocolate sauce from the guys at Wicked Waffle.

So so good…

And yes after all that eating, a stroll through the market to try and walk some of that off was very welcome…  But it definitely showed us that the Kirstenbosch Craft & Food Market has something to suit pretty much everyone’s taste.

Seen anything that’s tickled your fancy?  Then be sure to pop in at the next market taking place on Sun, 27 March…


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