Win a case of Tangled Tree wines (also smile, it’s Friday!)

by Karisa

Wine lovers, take note… I have some wine to give away!

But before we get down to the details of how to win, let me share some info about Tangled Tree wines.

Tangled Tree is a very cool new range brought to you by the team at Van Loveren (owned by the Retief family of course).  The name has a very special story behind it and the brand ethos is all about caring for the environment (which I love).

Let’s start with the name… Back in the 1940’s Jean Retief ordered a hardy Rhus lancea sapling from a nursery in far-off Natal.  When it finally arrived (by train nogal), everyone reckoned it looked more like a Karee tree (which was a fairly common tree).  But Jean stuck to her guns and insisted that her little tree was exactly what she’d ordered.  To settle the dispute, her husband Hennie decided to fetch a branch from a Karee tree which he found growing by the river and planted it beside Jean’s Rhus lancea.

As the trees grew, they turned out to be identical, but not only that… over the years the pair has grown entwined and in their own way became a symbol of love as they reflected Jean and Hennie’s life spent side by side on the farm… Now isn’t that a beautiful story?

Then on the environmentally friendly side of things, the launch of Tangled Tree has allowed the Retief family to significantly decrease their carbon footprint.  The fully recyclable, unbreakable PET bottle generates 50% less greenhouse emissions during the manufacturing process.  And another plus?  These lightweight bottles also travel well because there’s no risk of breakages. #High5ToThat

The range consists out of five wines:

  • Tanged Tree Tropical Sauvignon Blanc – Abundant aromas of tropical fruit such as guava, melon and gooseberry with a crisp, fresh finish
  • Tanged Tree Butterscotch Chardonnay – Expressive aromas of Butterscotch, Crème Brulee and delicate Citrus
  • Tanged Tree Moscato Rosé – With upfront Muscat and Rose Petal flavours and a aromatic nose
  • Tanged Tree Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon – Oozes coffee and Mocha flavours, layered with Cassis and Blackberry notes
  • Tanged Tree Spicy Shiraz – Boasting a spicy nuance with rich and powerful Red Berry essence

So there’s a little something for every taste…  Sound good?  Would you like to try some?  Then take note of the following:

I have a case of 6 Tangled Tree wines to give away.  In your winning case you’ll get one of each of their 5 wines and then they’re gonna pop in a 6th one as a surprise.

To be in the running, simply send me the following tweet:

Hey @CTmylove I’d love to get my hands on that case of @tangledtree wines #LoveTangledTree

(Or if you’re not on Twitter, copy & paste the tweet as a blog comment below)

Then just take note of the following T&Cs:

  • You have to reside in SA (the prize will be delivered to you)
  • Only one entry per person
  • Entries close at midnight on Mon, 14 March 2016
  • The winner will be determined by lucky draw & will be announced here on my blog and on Twitter/FB on Tue, 15 March 2016
  • There will be 1 winner winning that case of 6 wines

Good luck everybody & I hope you all have a kickass weekend…


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