Franschhoek Hair & Beauty – an awesome little find

by Karisa

OK – we’ve come to the last of my Franschhoek weekend getaway posts… (if you missed my previous posts – you can also read about my stay at the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel, dinner at Foliage & day out with the wine tram)

On our last day in this gorgeous little town, we decided to get our pamper on at Franschhoek Hair & Beauty. Now they have a little hair & beauty spot in the square (Shop 7 Franschhoek Square) located at 32 Huguenot Rd (or the Franschhoek main rd), but they recently also opened a mini day spa just a few doors down at 38 Huguenot Rd.

To get there you have to walk through a little passageway marked with two large pots and a water feature:

You then enter a space called “The Yard” which has a gorgeous old tree as its centerpiece:

Pretty pretty…

And then that’s the day spa right there… we had gotten there just after their opening, so they hadn’t had time to put signage up just yet…

Now look how super cute the interior is:

Loved all the little details… When I asked whether they had gotten a designer in to help, I was told nope – this was a mother & daughter mission – which made me fall in love with it even more…

In the front section they do hands & feet.  Then they also have two massage rooms which can be opened into one room if you want to do a couples massage.

On the day my friend Kim went for their ABSOLUTE RETREAT package (R720 – 120min) which includes a 1hr relaxing full body massage and an Environ Hands On Vitamin Therapy facial while I opted for the SPA SAMPLER (R490 – 60min) which includes a 30min Back massage followed by a 30 min hands on spa facial, and then I also had some gelish done on my toes (R220 for the gelish application only – R395 if you opt for a full pedi).

That’s crazy good value right?

Have a look at their full spa menu over here – I asked them to email me a copy, but of course this is their current pricing, subject to change, so use it as a guideline.  But yeah at these prices Kim and I were saying that it would be totally worth doing a day trip to Franschhoek as a return visit.  Just think about it, some pampering in the morning followed by a fabulous lunch in the village… #winning.

So even if you don’t happen to be in the area, why not get your girlfriends together and do Franschhoek for the day.  You won’t regret it, I promise, because the team at Franschhoek Hair & Beauty are so freakin’ lovely, you won’t want to leave.

Also as far as other options in the area goes, this was the most affordable by far.  PLUS you don’t get any of that sometimes clinical feeling spa vibes.  It’s cosy & cute and definitely a must try.

Loved it.


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