Sneaky Sippings at The Sneaky Sausage – every Tuesday

by Karisa

About 2 weeks ago, while the rest of Cape Town was stuck in SONA rehearsal traffic, I decided to dodge the madness and have some wine instead… Free wine that is!  Thanks to the weekly Sneaky Sippings wine tasting series that takes place every Tuesday over at The Sneaky Sausage:

Yes please!

I actually featured The Sneaky Sausage towards the end of last year – if you missed my official review, you can check it out over here.  This post simply serves as a reminder that there is beautiful wine just waiting to be enjoyed…  What better way to end of a Tuesday right?

On the night we were tasting a selection of wines from Merwida… And the awesome thing is that if you find something you love, you can place an order right there at cellar door prices. #HighFiveToThat

I happened to love quite a few of their wines… Just look at my loot:

If you would like to join in on the Sneaky Sippings fun, simply drop Monique a mail at to let her know you will be coming through.

You can also keep an eye out on their events page over here to see what’s coming up next.  I see they haven’t yet loaded event details for tomorrow evening, but I have it on good authority that you’ll be tasting bubbly & wine from Villiera Wines.

Time?  Tuesdays at 6pm (the
Where?  84 Shortmarket Street, above House of Machines (when you enter HoM, you’ll see a door with a stairway to your right, just before the bar)

The tasting is usually wrapped up by 7pm.  Then you can stay after and grab a bite to eat.  I can highly recommend the Currywurst (R50) served on a bed of fries and covered in their secret sneaky sauce & spices.  It is absolute sausage perfection… (so hungry now)

So yeah, I’m heading through again tomorrow eve.  Maybe I’ll see you there?


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