Unwanted hair no more with Deluxe Laser hair removal

by Karisa

For the past 12 months I’ve been getting laser hair removal treatments done at Deluxe Laser & Spa (previously known as Luxe Laser).  Now, a year later, I am very happy to report that during a recent trip to Greece (which don’t worry, I will still tell you all about), I did not have to shave once.  Not once!

That may not sound like the biggest deal, but trust me, after years of shaving, waxing, dealing with ingrown hairs and shaving rashes… my world now is completely hassle free and I LOVE IT.

Other reasons to love laser hair removal?

Now I know you probably got stuck on point number 1… is it really painless?  If you’ve tried out older IPL technology, you’ll probably be thinking yeah right.  I also tried IPL back in the day and it was most certainly not painless…  But trust me, this is.  You may feel a little warm zap every now & again, but overall it kinda feels like you’re getting a massage.  Seriously, what’s not not to love about that?

Deluxe Laser & Spa uses cutting edge technology (Soprano Ice/eLase Motif) to remove hair effectively and painlessly.   The other cool thing is that this new laser technology is also effective on all hair & skin types and can be done all year round.  Previous laser options required you to stay out of the sun, etc.  Not any more.  In fact there is zero downtime or any after care at all.  Oh and this isn’t just for the ladies, guys can happily zap any unwanted hair too!

Deluxe has 4 locations here in Cape Town.  I go to their Sea Point branch (which was their first CT branch), then they also have branches in Tamboerskloof, Claremont & Constantia.

The Sea Point branch focuses on hair removal only, but their other branches also offer facials, massages, nail treatments, cellulite treatments & anti-aging options.

Sea Point branch – situated on the first level of the Piazza Da Luz centre (on Sea Point main road, just before you hit Bantry Bay)

Inside the Sea Point branch

The treatment room…

That kick-ass laser that’s gonna make you smoooooooth baby…

But why have my treatments taken a year?  I’m sure you were hoping for an instant fix…  But as they say good things take time…  Most people need between 6 – 10 treatments which are spaced 6 weeks apart (no waxing, tweezing, epilation allowed in between – shaving only).

I’ve done 8 sessions to date and am very happy with the results.  I may go for one more, just to zap a few stragglers, but I definitely don’t find myself reaching for the razor in between sessions anymore.

I actually started with my legs first (which was thanks to an invitation to review it for the blog), then was so impressed, I ended up also doing my bikini area, my underarms, and a few other small areas I’m not going to divulge (a lady is allowed to have her secrets), and it’s been the best money spent I’ve spent in years.

You can have a look at their price list over here.  I think their prices are super reasonable AND if you pre-purchase a package of 5 sessions, you get a 6th session FREE.

But that’s not all… their Sea Point branch is currently running at 50% off special on ALL laser hair removal treatments as part of their 2 year birthday celebrations:

But hurry! This special is only valid until 31 Aug 2017…  If you’re really clever, you’ll purchase a set of treatments upfront and really save…

You can contact the Sea Point branch on 021 433 2827, and for contact details for their other branches (or for any additional information you may need), visit their website:  www.deluxelaser.co.za.

Try it, you’ll love it.  🙂



Kristen Birch Nov 5, 2018 - 7:18 pm

So it’s been a year since you wrote this post. I’m interested to know if there has been any update?

Also, one thing worries me is going to someone who is not a dermatologist, how are their technicians trained at deluxe? Kristen 🙂

Karisa Nov 5, 2018 - 9:55 pm

Hi Kristen. Thanks for reaching out. Yeah a year on and I’m still very happy with the results. I had a slight bit of regrowth with my underarm a couple of months ago, but just zapped it again and now it’s all good. The hair that did grow back though was much lighter & softer, so could leave it for like a week or more without it really being visible. Other areas have stayed pretty clear. So I think it’s just up to the individual. I’m not sure how their technicians are trained, but just give them a call and have a chat with them if you have any questions. My experience with their team has been a very pleasant one with everyone always willing to answer any questions you may have. They are also very professional. I would 100% still recommend their laser hair removal services.


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