I try out the new #BrewFood menu at Beerhouse

by Karisa

For beer lovers, there really isn’t a better place than Beerhouse on Long Street as far as beer selection goes.  I mean, they literally have 99 bottles of beer on the wall (and 25 on tap).  What’s not to love about that?

But they recently also decided to up their game on the food front by launching a new #BrewFood menu.

By teaming up with Ultimate Braai Master winner & “Laat Die Potte Prut” presenter, Piet Marais and his team, they’ve created a food menu that combines the best of both the beer and food worlds, resulting in what they’re referring to as their own #BrewFood revolution.

On Piet’s new #BrewFood menu, beer is used to season, pickle & even ferment food.  Added to this Beerhouse has acquired their own genuine stick-burning wood smoker, adding that delicious smokiness to their meats which pairs perfectly with their beer selection.

So what’s on the new menu?  Think brisket, pulled pork, boerie & ribs.  Basically ALL the meats.  Then also be on the lookout for interesting items like brew pickles, beer-cheese, beerchos (their version of nachos), beer batter (used for their onion rings, fish tacos & po-boy), a beer-infused range of sauces & spices, and even a beer-fermented flat bread.

Oh and even their burger buns now have some beer flavour in the form of 24hr beer-fermented brioche buns…

Hell, you can even have beer for dessert with a Beerhouse Beer Float!  It’s aaaaall about the beer-lovin’ here folks.  So don’t be shy…   Being a meat & beer lover myself, I was of course very excited to give this new menu a try.  So off I went, stretchy pants on and ready to eat.

For those who haven’t yet been to Beerhouse (where have you been??), here’s a quick look around:

My dining-partner-in-crime, Peet and I decided to kick things off with a little Brew Snacks selection:

Giant onion rings (R30), beerchos (R70) & fish tacos (R75)… the popcorn is just a cute little add on they bring to your table…

The beerchos were interesting, but not my personal favourite. Our waiter confirmed however that it’s been one of the most popular dishes since the new menu launches. If you’re going to go for the giant onion rings, they’re delicious, but very rich, so definitely only get one portion to share for the table…

These fish tacos were de-lic-ious! Really really loved them…

Oh and we also decided to add some BBQ bitterballen (R60) – also very nice…

For mains, we were really really intrigued by the Beerhouse “Brew-BQ” Meat Platter which contains beer-brined chicken, spare ribs, Beerhouse smoked boerie, beer-brined brisket, pulled pork, beeracha (their version of Sriracha sauce), brew pickles, pap chips and brew-barbeque sauce.  Doesn’t that sound insanely good?  Sadly it’s for 4 people and we were only 2.  If we hadn’t already had starters, we may have been brave enough to give it a bash… but alas…

Instead we decided to try their Amasi-fried chicken burger (R85) and a half portion of spare ribs (250g for R60, 500g for R99).

These ribs are so so good – that smoker really makes all the difference… Should have ordered more…

The Amasi-fried chicken burger was very interesting… but being a greedy cow, afterwards I also wondered what their beef patties would be like…

All ‘n all though, we had a great time.  I tried some interesting beers (as recommended by our waiter who knew the menu back-to-front – which I love), and we left there with our clothing taking some strain.  So from me, high 5s all round.

I also wanted to share some of their pro pics to further tempt you:

Beer-fermented flat bread (R65)

The Brew-BBQ platter… can you believe this is only R295??

And finally… their Beerhouse burger (R85), topped with beer-cheese & brew-pickles

Looks good right?  I’m definitely going back for the fish tacos, and if anyone wants to share a meat platter with me – put your hand up please! 😉

So yeah, if beer is your vibe and you think you’re man enough for some #BrewFood, do pay them a visit.  Beerhouse is open from 11am to late, seven days a week & you can contact them on: 021 4243370



Randolf Jorberg Sep 11, 2017 - 1:57 am

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Karisa Sep 11, 2017 - 2:31 pm

My pleasure 🙂

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