I checked out the much talked about Shortmarket Club

by Karisa

About two weeks ago, my friend Janine from Being Brazen was invited to do a review of The Shortmarket Clubthe latest restaurant by top chef & restaurant extraordinaire Luke Dale-Roberts.

The most Instagram’d piece of floor in Cape Town at the moment… 😉

When she asked me to be her date, I was like nah… I’m washing my hair that evening…  Of course not people! I said yessss!  I mean you do not turn down a Luke Dale-Roberts dining experience OK…

The restaurant is very sexy with a bit of a 1920s feel.  There’s some overflow seating on the bar & kitchen side as you walk in:

We decided to have a drink at the bar while they prepped our table…

But the main dining area is where you really want to be:

That’s their “butterfly wall” at the back… A collage of frames filled with butterflies…

But don’t worry, they’re not real butterflies… They were made from old menus from Test Kitchen & Pot Luck Club… Cool idea hey?

Trust me – if anybody took you on a date here, he/she would be marriage material for sure… It’s simply gorgeous.

But of course, the ultimate test is the food…

You can have a look at their menu over here.  They do breakfasts (which I’d say is a pocket friendly way to try them out if you can’t invest in a lunch/dinner) and then their starters range from R75 to R130, their mains range from R140 to R300, and their desserts range from R80 to R110.

For starters our waiter (who really was excellent btw) recommended the Raw Market Fish (R110) and the Trout Tataki (R130).

The raw market fish is a ceviche style dish and was definitely one of my favourites of the night…

The trout tataki is first smoked on a log which they bring to your table for a quick photo op…

Before serving it on teriyaki braised sweet potato with granny smith apple, ginger tahini, organic radishes & crispy trout skin. This dish was also really beautiful, just a tad bit too smoky for me personally. But Janine really loved it.

For mains I decided to try their chestnut & fynbos roasted petit poussin (R200) – I had seen so many photos of it on my Instagram feed, I just knew I had to try it:

Makes for a damn good photo, that’s for sure…

They carve it up for you and then serve it with rainbow baby beets & a tarragon gravy… Was very tasty, just wasn’t the biggest fan of the beets.

Then Janine went for the Oak Valley rib eye on the bone (R300) which she paired with some duck fat roasted potatoes:

You have a choice between a Bearnaise sauce or a Cafe au Lait sauce – after tasting both I can confidently say that the Cafe au Lait is the only choice to make. That sauce was so good I wished I could take it home with me to pour over EVERYTHING. The steak on the other hand was OK, but definitely didn’t beat the rib eye at Carne (which will only cost you R190).

For dessert I opted for the caramelized lemon tart (R80) which truly was one of the nicest desserts I’ve had in a very long time:

And Janine opted for the chocolate souffle (R110) which was nice, but we both agreed that my choice won the prize for best dessert by far…

The souffle…

So yeah, overall a very cool experience.  Loved the decor.  Loved the feel of the place.  The service is excellent and the “showmanship” that goes into the dishes will certainly get your photos aaaall the likes.

The only thing I have to say I’m really on the fence about is the pricing.  I’m going to start with the wine – that bottle of Eagles Nest 2012 Merlot was R420.  A few nights later I had dinner at La Colombe (will be telling you guys about that soon – what an incredible experience!) where we ordered the exact same bottle of wine – same vintage and everything – and it cost R320.  That’s a whole R100 less.  Hmmmm…

By the time we had ordered drinks (R420) and two starters (R110 + R130), we were already R660 in – which I have to say would hurt a little for most people I think.

Now I’m not saying the experience isn’t worth it.  I’m just saying that Cape Town has other restaurant choices which are equally beautiful & where I’ve had equally tasty (& in some instances better) meals at a lower price.

That said – we really did enjoy our evening at The Shortmarket Club and I’d say if price wasn’t a concern, go ahead & splurge away.

I’m going to give The Shortmarket Club a score of  kiss4 on my Miss K Kiss-o-Meter scale.

To make a reservation you can call them on 021 447 28 74 or email them at info@theshortmarketclub.co.za.

They are open Mon to Sat for:

  • Breakfast: 08:00 – 11:00
  • Lunch : 12:30 – 14:30
  • Dinner : 19:00- 11:00

And you’ll find them at 88 Shortmarket Street – right next to House of Machines.



Jo Sep 5, 2016 - 4:30 pm

Love your blog! Please check us out at Lifesloves.co

Karisa Sep 8, 2016 - 9:03 pm

Thanks guys! xx

Geenius Sep 8, 2016 - 8:54 pm

Yeah that price is a bit steep, but the pics…

Karisa Sep 8, 2016 - 9:01 pm

Agreed, really beautiful space…


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