My top 5 restaurant experiences of 2017

by Karisa

Looking back, I did a lot of eating this year… A LOT.  It definitely explains the few extra kilos I’m currently trying to shake, but hey, I’m a girl who lives by the philosophy of “I don’t want to look back one day and say: I should’ve eaten that”. 😉

I decided to do a bit of a review of the restaurants I featured on Cape Town My Love this year to come up with my top 5 for 2017.  A pretty easy task, so I thought, but looking back at all the amazing meals I was lucky enough to enjoy, a lot of serious internal debate followed.

But before we get to the top 5, I felt there were two special mentions I had to make.  The first is a big shout out to the fish tacos at Motherland Brewers – I’ve since tried El Burro’s Taqueria, Cabrón Taco Bar & most recently Fuego in Sea Point and none of them came close…

This is my current fish taco standard… the taco that beat all the other tacos of 2017…

The second is Porcini Butter Fillet at La Belle Bistro (Camps Bay).  Think perfectly cooked fillet covered with baby button mushrooms, roast chipollini onions & a porcini butter sauce, resting on a bed of creamy mash potatoes…

It simply doesn’t get better than this… I still lie awake at night thinking about this dish…

Right, now we can get down to my official top five.  Starting with number 5: Zenzero

Zenzero in Camps Bay got a new menu & a new look this year.. I really love the sexy, sophisticated feel of their new decor, the service was impeccable and every dish we had was a hit. Highly recommended as a date night option or a special treat.

In position number 4: Reverie Social Table

This really was such an awesome experience. 5 courses, all works of art in their own right, served at a beautiful big social-style table. A fantastic option for a get together with friends, or simply to meet new people.

In position number 3: The restaurant at Cavalli

The Cavalli estate is absolutely breathtaking… a definite must see. This year they got a new chef and a new menu and it’s nothing short of culinary perfection. Loved every minute and every bite!

In position number 2: CHEFS

This one came as a total surprise, I won’t lie, but wow I’m so glad Chefs entered my world. Their lunch tray concept is a fun take on dining out and I love the fact that there’s something new waiting for you every day.  Chef Jenny Ward puts so much love, thought and care into every single element, nothing’s simply added as a garnish or afterthought.  Every bite is an experience and I just know you’ll love it as much as I did.

And… drum roll please… the number one spot for 2017 goes to:  Foxcroft!

Sho, this really was an incredible food experience… As each dish came out I was literally beaming with joy.  I was like that crazy plant from the Little Shop of Horrors… “just feed me Seymour!”.  But seriously, Foxcroft is a definite must.  It’s a more pocket-friendly way of experiencing Chef Scot Kirton’s (he of La Colombe of course) exceptional culinary talents and the menu changes regularly, which means a great excuse to keep going back for more.

So yeah, 2017 was most certainly a very good year for eating.  Here’s hoping that 2018 brings even more deliciousness, and hell, even a few extra kilos.

Have any recommendations of great restaurants that would make your top 5 list?  Then share them in the comments section below.




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